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And to finish off the set:

25: The World )
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I've caught up! Yay!! So without further ado...

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It tried to freeze here last night - hubby says that it almost made it. I know my poinsettias are starting to droop a bit, darn it. Still, we may actually have green hills for the holidays! Around here, that's something to celebrate.

Today's prompt, once I sat and thought about it, was so obvious...:

23: The Sun )
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And today's offering:

22: The Moon )
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I'm thinking I may be starting to come out from under the cold cloud again. But I'm staying in, and staying warm - I don't need another relapse!!

Today's prompt made me sit back and think for a while.

21: The Star )
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This is one of the more enduring relationships in LotR. And probably THE most complex:

20: When Archetypes Love - Strength & High Priestess )
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There are a couple of possibilities for today's prompt; I chose the less obvious one:

19: The Tower )
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I am not gonna let this cold get me down, dammit! There are things I simply have to do. I can't hide in the house forever. As long as it ain't raining, I guess I'm relatively safe being a rebel, eh?

Today's prompt was a no-brainer again. Only one character really personified the majority of the keywords associated with this card:

18: The Devil )
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Today's prompt took me some time to figure out...

17: Temperance )
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I can't believe it! I have another headcold!! *headdesk* Life just isn't fair right now!!

But there was really only one candidate for this card:

16: Death )
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Again, this prompt was pretty much a no-brainer too.

15: The Hanged Man )
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This one was a no-brainer.

14:Strength )
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Today's prompt really had me scratching my head today. The challenge was to take any two of the characters I had previously written about and have them fight. I'm not sure this qualifies necessarily as a "fight", but it certainly isn't a comfortable exchange...

13: When Archetypes Fight )
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Once more, today's prompt took a little bit of figuring out...

12: The Wheel of Fortune )
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Moving right along...

11: The Hermit )
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Today's prompt:

10: Justice )
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This one took some thinking...

9: The Chariot )
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Eru help me! I don't normally write these characters...

8: The Lovers )
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Okay. So now can I post my double-drabble? :-D

7: The Heirophant )
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I have to admit, today's prompt caught me by surprise. I already have the double-drabble ready for when they finally call up The Heirophant. But today's was a head-scratcher until I remembered this little bit of canon. Enjoy!

When Archetypes Meet )

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