Jan. 18th, 2017

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While I was having my weekly phone call with [livejournal.com profile] engarian, it started to rain. YAY!!!! Not much more than about 1/10th of an inch so far, but supposedly it's gonna rain through Saturday. So hopefully we'll get another couple of inches to drain into our lake. After this storm, I'll have to go check out the %age again - last time I looked, the lake sat at 25%, which isn't much but is a heckuva lot better than it was.

So... Time for today's pair of questions for the meme:

9: The best part of today was______

Bantering with my daughter as she did my nails this afternoon. When we're both feeling pretty good - and we're both pretty much on the mend from The Crud that took us both down about New Year's time - we both give as good as we get. What's really fun is when someone who may know each of us separately gets the opportunity to play fly-on-the-wall while we give each other a bad time. Makes us both laugh.

My nails look pretty good now too, I have to say... Daughter Súl is the best manicurist in the area, FWIW, and is constantly booked up to six months in advance. I get her services because I let her use me as guinea pig for new products or processes, so she isn't trying them out on paying customers. It's a pretty decent trade-off.

10: What’s the hardest thing you’re dealing with?

Watching my hubby suffer from the consequences of too many years of uncontrolled diabetes, years of deliberately under-estimating just how horrible and dangerous diabetes is. Hubby was a very hale and strong man "back in the day", who is now forced to use a walker to get around because diabetes has stolen the feeling in his feet and his equilibrium (altho that's as much the fault of his med as anything else), and now has MRSA as the result of too many hospital visits. In many ways, I sometimes feel I'm living on borrowed time with him, which makes me want to protect him and cherish him all that much more.

Getting old sucks, big-time!!!

That's it for today. See you all tomorrow - same place, same meme... :D

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