Jan. 15th, 2017

aearwen2: (Sm Sindarin Lady)
It's a new day, and time to answer a couple of questions...

#3: Are you content?

For the most part, yes. Could things be "better?" Of course! But I have a roof over my head (of a house I dearly love), enough food in my belly, enough money to pay the bills and purchase what is truly needed, family around me that gets along pretty good most of the time, good friends to enjoy good times with, and I live in Paradise (as anybody who knows me on Facebook will know as I post about that constantly - including pictures of my local area.) My needs are few, really: less arthritis pain, better health for my hubby, and good lives for my kids. So yeah, pretty much, I'm fairly content.

We'll see how that goes after the 20th, though. :-p

#4:What is your best memory of last year?

My best memory from last year is from the hour or so after I finally was able to get my hubby out of the convalescent facility that he was in for over three weeks after yet another hospital stay. We drove over to our favorite place to look out over the ocean and watch the waves break over the rocks, and then drove all over town taking a gander at all the changes. Hubby had been (and still is) pretty house-bound before that, and then an in-patient for almost a month. Breathing fresh, ocean air and seeing something beside the same four walls was a big deal. Watching the joy on his face was an upper for me. Even better is knowing that he's been out of hospital since then.

Hokay, folks. Until tomorrow...

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