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I think I'm now rested up enough to go public with the announcement that I survived. )

I also have fish tank maintenance to do that's been put off a while, plants to water and repot, and several loads of laundry to get out of the way. Life doesn't quit while one puts everything on hold to get a performance together, and now I have time and energy to start playing "Catch Up" again.

But... I survived. YAYYYY!!!! The Big Weight of the Summer Program is gone, and I can start to genuinely enjoy the nice weather.

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No, really. This week, at least, Monday is a GOOD thing! )

I'm sure my chiropractor will be glad when I'm through with the week too. Evidently between the stress and the physical postures and positions I get in while playing, I throw my back out rather nicely. Funzies.

And that's it from the Grey Havens of the Central California Coast for this week. I'll let you all know how well I survive sometime next week.
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I was out for a while today, and the fog cleared long enough to remind me what a nice, warm "California Sunshine" type day could be like.

Sunny California? What's that? )

Anyhoo, if nobody hears from me for a while, either I'm writing my hands off, or practicing the piano yet again. Eh. It keeps me out of the bingo parlors, right?
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The first half of 2013 is now truly behind - and I'm wondering where it went.

The rest of inconsequential musings under the cut. )

Happy Monday, f-listers. Hope yours will be as nice as mine.
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It's Monday...

And a gloomy one. No blue sky for us today, and the air is sometimes filled with heavy mist that wants to think about pretending to be rain. Not sure if it was predicted today, but I don't really mind it. The hills around here are turning a gorgeous emerald green before Christmas and New Years - which doesn't happen often enough for me.

It's already been a full day for me today, and the day's only half over. Started out bright and early with a chiropractor's appointment. I'm really getting some benefit from going to this guy three times a week at the moment. I can - not with regularity, but at least I can now - walk up and down stairs like a "normal" person, rather than like an arthritic old lady (despite the fact that's exactly what I am.) It's been two years since I've been able to, so I credit that to a combination of chiropractic and good pain meds (My knees, like my shoulders, are bone on bone, and thus tend to be very painful all the time.)

Then, came home to drop off JJ and pick up Hubby and daughter Súl to head off to SLO for the weekly shopping trip to Costco and New Frontiers. Chiropractor wants me to walk, and so those two huge stores are my huge walk for the day - and I get a lot of the stuff we use over the course of a week then. I'm gluten-free now, Hubby is most of the time and JJ is when I don't buy him anything with gluten in it. :-D

We stopped along the way to pay auto registration for the year, and then Súl wanted us to stop at a couple of places for her to pick up stuff and so she could do her banking.

We're home now for the one-hour respite in the middle of the day - I'm having carrots and dill dip for lunch w/ cranberry juice. In a little while, Hubby will drop me off at the Theosophical temple so I can practice with my organ/piano duet cohort for a while - and I'll be early for that, so I can spend some time polishing up the music I have to play for the Christmas program there this next weekend.

Then, to finish the day off, JJ is taking Súl and me to the 7PM showing of The Hobbit in 3D. I'm really jazzed about that, and it will make for a delightful way to end a busy, busy day.

I'm also jazzed by the fact that I actually was able to practice the little cross-strung harp I have for a reasonable bit of time this past weekend. So I know my arms are getting a little better. Very difficult to learn a new instrument when arthritis makes it impossible to hold the arms up long enough to practice. I hope the weather doesn't mess around so much for the next few, and I might be able to do it again.

Writing-wise, I'm back to plinking on an O-fic I started a few years back - I'm now doing some serious world-building in Maple that should make it easier for me to know the cultures and traditions of my characters so they will react properly to the events I intend to throw at them. It currently sits at about 11k words spread over a Prologue and 1½ chapters. If I use my mind for something other than holding my ears apart, I'll probably start to outline the plot too - which should make it easier to write if I know what's supposed to happen. I've also got ideas that will take me over the writer's block humps in both of my Who-fic pieces, so ultimately it is just a case of what I'm in the mood to work on at any one time.

Not today, tho. Today, I'm music and then The Hobbit. You never know; it just might kick loose the Muse to help me finish IDD at last to re-immerse myself in Middle-earth. I hope so - I'm proud of what I have of it, and I don't intend to leave it dangling unfinished.
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Miscellaneous Nervous Nattering Under The Cut - or Sequel to previous entry Is It Over Yet? )

So.... I figure that by the end of the week, I will have earned and fully deserve a vacation. Not gonna get one, but I will have earned it and deserve some time off. Until then, however, my nerves will build until Saturday evening is done. I'm so glad this event only comes once a year!!

If you're wondering where the writing has gone, my writing Muse kindly has stepped aside for the nonce, letting my musical Muse hold forth. But things are bubbling in the background, never fear. I have one more section to write to have the next chapter of IDD ready to post to the Lizard Council for grooming, and I need to find a way to pull things into a comfortable denouement now - at least for the Avathar portion of the tale.

I know I've been less than active lately. At least now you know why.

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