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This is another piece I wrote for the Back to Middle-earth Month that fits into my I Dhaerlend Dadui !verse. I had a lot of fun exploring some of the peripheral characters of Tolkien's canon during that month of challenges, and in this one, it was Erestor's turn. Someday, I suppose I will need to write his story - or, at any rate, the story that seems to be slowly coming into view that is his personal history.

Anyhoo, without further ado...

Expecting Nothing )
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To quote Monty Python's Flying Circus: "And now for something completely different..."

I've been posting some pretty angsty stuff here of late, and so I thought I'd bring this out to show that I'm not always into making my readers sniff as they read. This week, I'm aiming for outright guffaws.

But, there's a story behind this story.

When I was in the process of working toward my Stubborn Limpet award in GoI (posting a minimum of 100 original, new words every consecutive day for 100 days) by writing drabbles, one of the bits I posted about Thranduil sparked a very interesting conversation among the members. It tickled my funnybone so that I wrote a crack!fic to allow Thranduil to "answer" the ladies in question. The comebacks I got from that inspired yet another crack!fic less than a day later.

In going through my hard drive not long ago, I found that set of crack!fics, and I've smoothed out some of the rougher edges to make it suitable for public airing.

And so, without further ado...

Thranduil's Dilemma )
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We've come to the end of another tale. I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I did to write it. I can promise you that elements of this tale, as well as elements and characters from "Light Fingers" and "Elladaniel", will be making further appearances in future works, such as "I Dhaerlend Dadui" and "Changeling".

But for now...

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 18 - Epilogue )
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While I have an Internet connection that seems to be working, I thought I'd get this posted.

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 17 - Please Come Home )
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This has got to be one of the hardest things I've ever written. But, thanks to the insistence of [ profile] nierielraina, who pushed me hard to do what needed to be done for the sake of the story, I think this is one of the better pieces of writing I've done.

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 16 - The End of the Dream Part 2 of 2 )
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It's time to start drawing this story to a close.

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 15 - The End of the Dream - (part 1 of 2) )
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Here's the next part of this one. Enjoy!

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 14 - Holiday Visit (part 2 of 2) )
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News Flash for my readers: I have finished this novel at last. The final chapter (not this one) and the Epilogue will be working their way through my online workshops for beta nit-picking, but the upshot of this will be that I will be posting on this story weekly until it is finally done.

That said, on with the chapter...

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 13 - Holiday Visit Pt. 1/2 )
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This was my entry in the November, 2010 ALEC contest with the theme "Remembrance". It took second place...

The Silver Bead )
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The following was my submission for the ALEC November 2010 challenge, the theme of which was "Things That Go 'Bump' in the Night". I shared the second place slot with two other very fine stories. If you have not visited the ALEC website, or perrused the story submissions there, I urge you to check things out:

A Long-Expected Contest

And now, without further ado...

To Walk a Dark Land )
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It's time to draw this episode of Gilraen's life to a close. Without further ado:

In The House of Elrond XII - Messages Pt 3 )
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We've come to the end of this little tale.

Second Chances - Chapter 4 - Epilogue )
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I canNOT believe that I didn't do regular weekend posting of my fan fiction this weekend!! I'm so sorry, folks!! I don't have any excuse other than my head must have been somewhere other than located on my shoulders.

Without further ado:

Second Chances - Chapter 3 - Things That Cannot Be )
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Here's the next part of this one.

Second Chances - Chapter 2 - A Safe Place )
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This is a story that I found languishing half-finished on my hard drive and was moved to complete. I think it was originally meant as a Christmas fic, but I know for sure that the folks at both the Lizard Council and In The Halls of Fire have made it 1000 times better than it was.

Without further ado:

Second Chances - Chapter 1 - Hitting Bottom )
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Here is the second part of this three-part chapter. Things get... interesting.

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 11 - Messages (Part 2 of 3) )


Aug. 7th, 2010 09:30 pm
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A little while ago, I wrote a short story as a birthday gift for [ profile] randy_o. With his permission, I am now sharing that gift with you. This takes place in my I Dhaerlend Dadui story!verse, for those familiar with my two distinct storylines.

Birthday )

New Roots

Jul. 24th, 2010 03:00 pm
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I have often wondered at Celeborn's fate. Did he ever cross the sea to be with Galadriel and Celebriel, or did he remain behind? Usually I have him crossing the sea eventually, but this plot bunny wanted to explore the less popular alternative.

New Roots )
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The next chapter of this is long enough that I broke it into three mostly equal parts. Enjoy.

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 10 - Messages part 1/3 )

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