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It's been a busy weekend, and I was a bad girl to miss my postings. So...

28:Whose life did you make a difference in today?

I dunno. My day on Saturday was fairly quiet and normal. I had early morning coffee & yakking with friends at the coffee shop as I usually do on Saturdays. Went home & crocheted, then played LOTRO. I did answer some questions in-game for a newer player, tho - so maybe that was it.

29: What is your super power?

I don't know that I would necessarily call it a "super power", but I have been known to sit down with a song running either in YouTube or in a media player and, with some work, I am able to render it into sheet music true to the original. When I was directing a small choir, it came in pretty handy; when I'm putting together music for the little performing group in Halcyon, it can be downright handy; and when it comes to music I want to do for myself, it's a joy. Thank you, Mrs Marquardt (my violin teacher - I'll have to tell you folks about her one of these days) for taking the time to teach me how to listen inside the music and follow each individual part. It's a skill that not many have, and one I've found use for all too often in my life.

With everything else, however, I'm boringly normal - I promise. :-D

30: What is annoying you?

The US political donnybrook. It promises to be an on-going and growing annoyance too, from all appearances. 'Nuff said.

YAY!!! All caught up again. See y'all tomorrow, with any luck...
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