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Got a lot going on today: gonna have to call and see about some of the questions on my MediCal renewal form that I'm not sure about, and then I'll be spending a good portion of the afternoon with my Russian friend. We'll be going shopping, hitting the banks, and just generally "hanging out" - which gives Nina a chance to practice with her English, me a chance to practice my Russian, and Google Translate on my Android phone yet another healthy workout. I'm looking forward to the afternoon, needless to say.

So I thought I'd answer the next couple of questions before I get too busy and forget them utterly...

#7: Who last called you on the phone?

To be honest, I've no idea. The number isn't recognized by my phone - which is probably the reason I didn't answer it (on top of the fact that I didn't hear it ring and they didn't leave a message.) The last person to call that I recognized was my son, JJ. He was at a dance on Friday night and wanted to make sure I'd left the porch light on for him and left the front door unlocked.

#8: Who are you in love with?

That's an easy one: my hubby. We've been together for 38 1/2 years now, and still like to hold hands when we're out and about. I'd be lost without him, lemme tell ya!! He's been a good husband, a good father, a good provider, a great companion, an excellent co-conspirator, and just generally the neatest, sweetest, most stubborn and frustrating - but loveable - man on the face of the planet. I'm lucky I found him, or he found me - whichever.

Fun fact: when I first met him, he was my roommate's boss, and technically wasn't supposed to even step foot in our apartment because of fraternization rules between management & employees. When his boss found out about our relationship, he tried to manipulate me into snitching on my roomie - and failed miserably. He turned vindictive and, when we announced our wedding day, immediately cancelled all days-off and vacations so as to ruin any plans we had for a honeymoon. Hubby got him back, tho - we returned from our weekend wedding/honeymoon and hubby turned in his 2 week notice. We moved over here where we are now, and never looked back.

Ah well. His loss, eh? :-D

See 'ya all tomorrow, folks...
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