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I haven't posted much, mostly because my life has been turned upside-down by my husband's deteriorating health.

Venting under the cut for those who would rather not read it. )

This getting old crap sucks.

Take care, friendslist friends.
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With my Hubby once more home from the hospital, I'm really hoping that Life™ can get back to some semblence of "Normal" again.

Nattering and minor venting under the cut )

On other, happier, fronts, daughter Súl has our turkey ordered (organic, cage-free, etc. etc) and will be responsible for buying organic, non-GMO potatoes for mashing. Her food sensitivities have eased, so she can actually have mashed potatoes and dressing (altho I have to limit the herbs I use in the dressing, and she needs to buy the gluten-free bread that I'll make into croutons) and green peas. We've even figured out how to do gravy, and she's gonna be experimenting a bit before The Big Day so we know it will be tasty.

In case I never really blogged about it, Súl suffers from Hashimoto's Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue and serious food sensitivities. She's been three years being extra-super-picky about "eating clean" and restricting her foods to only the stuff that her doctor tells her she can eat, and she's slowly getting better - more or less. But having meals together takes a bit more planning, as I try to accommodate her sensitivities while still making the food interesting to two insensitive males.

Anyhoo, part of that accommodation this year means no pumpkin pie. She has redone the fancy sensitivity test, which is why so many things are now "legal" for her again, but a few others have fallen into the "let's lay off this stuff for a year or two and see what happens" category - including both pumpkin itself as well as many of the familiar pumpkin pie spices. As a result, I think our Thanksgiving dessert will be individual chocolate "tarts" she found that are positively decadent. I'm looking forward to the meal, actually, and I'm not so hung up on tradition that I'll be crying to have chocolate mint rather than pumpkin pie.

Especially with Hubby home.

Now, to get - and KEEP - both him and Súl healthy....

Have a great day, folks. I know I will.


Aug. 16th, 2011 10:37 pm
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So now I think I'm coming down with a cold - my first in over a year.

I'm sure it's because I let down my defenses after my Week from Hell™, either that or all the stress took my resistance down. Whichever; my throat is scratchy, my nose feels like it wants to run, and I've got the beginnings of a cough. I felt it creeping up on me all day today, and ended the evening feeling chilled.

I suppose I should be grateful that this didn't happen during the Week from Hell™, shouldn't I?

Time to break out the vitamins and echinacea.

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Considering the recent silence from the fellow who kicked up a hornet's nest by purchasing the Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Archive site on the sly (apparently the deal went through in April and it took until July for either the former owner or the new owner to come clean about it) I've not said much myself about the issue lately.

One of the really good things that happens when someone comes in an blunders about in a manner that makes all the LOTR fandom angry (very politely so, in this case) is that someone will write something so spectacular that it deserves rebroadcast. For me, this was when [ profile] caras_galadhon wrote her A Love Letter to LOTR. In this letter, written from the perspective of a fandom insider, I found everything that I have ever felt or thought about fandom spelled out with passion and clarity.

However, comma...

One last vent under the cut )

I don't know whether to thank you or curse you, Keith Mander. I tend toward the latter, frankly...
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I have no idea if you have been using LOTRFF as your archive, but you should be aware that it has been sold to someone who wants to turn it into a for-profit enterprise. Aside from the obvious violation of the "Fan Fiction is a NOT-for-profit activity", and/or the potential mine-field involved in a tussle with the Tolkien Estate over the revenues, I personally have a great deal of trouble with the idea that this guy essentially intends to make money for HIMSELF through the use of MY hard work.

Here's his blog, where he talks about it:

Note that I speak up, and that I'm less than happy about his plans.

I have deleted all my stories from LOTRFF, as I hadn't posted to that archive in a while (long story - in essence, I got reamed for not responding to a review as quickly as the reviewer wanted me to) and so feel this as not much of a loss. But some of my friends have used LOTRFF as their main archive for years.

Just thought you all should know. FanLib kerfluffle, Take Two, anybody? :-p

A huge hug of thanks to [ profile] nierielraina for bringing this to my attention.
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Sure looks a lot like 2010 to me...

Miscellaneous natterings and ventings under the cut )

Is the year going to continue in this fashion? Will things ever even out so that we can take a breath and not worry about where the next one is coming from?

I guess we'll just have to see. :-p
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Every life has a few times in it where the overwhelming news of the week is just, plain bad. That's been my week this week.

Bad news and grumblings under the cut )

Eh. It's cold and rainy here, and my shoulders hurt like crazy. The news makes me cranky and moody.

Most times, I love autumn. But at times like this, I'd rather it had stayed summer.
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I shoulda stayed in bed, I think...

A This-just-really-ISN'T-my-day rant under the cut )

Never got my nails done. My stomach is upset because of the stress. FFN is screwing up so badly I don't dare try to post a thing.

I think I shoulda stayed in bed.

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My daughter, bless her little pointed head, has come up with a wonderful idea that will both help support the US Post Office financially (at no cost to her) and also take a small swipe at the banks and credit card companies who have caused the huge mess this country - and indeed much of the world - is now suffering through. I'm certain some of us have done something similar at one time or another, but I'd like to think that maybe this little pebble could start an avalance that will finally get the attention of those shysters:

Naughty little idea and small rant under the cut )

I'm such a Wicked Widdle Kid... *evil grin*
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I got a call today from my brother (the one who was suicidal a couple of months ago) with some good news, for a change.

Family blathering and a small vent under the cut )

Meanwhile, my Muse is back - I'm writing again. Two chapters of Changeling, a section of IDD, a section of In The Elvenking's Forest and a double-drabble in the last 2 weeks. She wants me to focus on Changeling now - which is great, because I'm certain there are those out there who would like to see the next chapter in Ivoreth's saga. I have some interesting plans, and I'm starting to dream it now.

And I need to dig into my sheetmusic archives and find my copy of the Schubert A-minor piano concerto. Seems we have a piano/organ duet version of part of the first movement, and right now Nashoma has the music so she can make copies for herself. Needless to say, if I want to play that thing properly, I'm gonna have to start putting at least six to ten hours per week in on a more regular basis (and not just a month before a performance.) Oh yea, I also need to print out the piano solo version of Debussy's "Sunken Cathedral". I'd really like to tackle that at the same time, giving an interesting variety to my practices... :-D

Good news all around, I'd say...
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The past week (as of yesterday) has been... well... interesting. The current state of the economy strikes fairly close to home for me, and my time has been spend to a greater extent trying to pick up the pieces for a member of my family who has been hit hard.

Details of Aeärwen's attempt at Suicide Intervention under the cut )

Tomorrow sees me music up to the epaulettes again - morning service with the choir, then program practice (I'm the musical director & accompanist for that) and choir practice that afternoon. Everyday Dave's here, I'm doing something different. I am determined, now, to enjoy the rest of his stay. Some of our talk has cleared air that has needed clearing for years, and we're closer now than ever. It's likely I'll end up in AZ before the summer is out to help him in packing up the parts of his life in his house that he valued the most and will feel the loss of most.

Anyhoo, if I don't poke my head up much in here for a while, you'll know what's up.
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Ok. I give up.

Not only has the Muse that was helping me do my NaNo gone into hiding, but her place has been taken over by two substitutes: my fanfic Muse, who dumped a not quite 5k-word sequel to Ghost on me over the last two days; and my music Muse, who is now demanding AT THE TOP OF HER VOICE that I go back to putting in the 8.5 to 10 hours a week (or more) to try to get myself back up to my former skill level.

The manufacturers of aceteminophen and aspirin will enjoy a small boost in sales as a result of the latter, as I'm now working arthritic shoulders and damaged muscles in arms a heckuva lot more in the process of practicing. But I actually enjoyed my practice today (of course, it doesn't hurt to have access to a nice 6-foot Steinway grand to practice ON...)

I will *try* to keep working on the original novel, but without the pressure NaNo puts on one. I still have the start of the novel I worked on last year. Wonderful, having these beginnings on the hard drive, and tinkering with them from time to time.

The thing is, I've done 50k words/month before. I used to churn out that much and more when writing for my old fandom. I also burned out rather abruptly too. I truly have no intent to do anything to myself that will burn out my interest in writing per se.

But I'm jazzed about playing the piano with a little more discipline again. Music really is my first love – and the piano was the first instrument I learned (started it at age 4.) I'm hoping the workout of my arms will help the arthritis, and that working the muscles that I *think* I tore years ago will help them heal too. I've given up my violin and guitar - by Eru, I'll be blasted if I'm gonna give up my piano!!
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Been working on it - although my NaNo Muse is more capricious than my fan fiction Muse! My current progress report for Nov 7 (given that I've been out and about and haven't even had a chance to sit down and write yet today):

9404 / 50000 words. 19% done!


I wanted to be further along than this!

*grumble* *grumble*

What's more, once I finish my regular Saturday posting, I need to head out and spend at least 1 hour today at the piano in preparation for playing the prelude at services tomorrow. Don't even know what to play - is that bad, or what? I may default to some simple Schumann, or perhaps the Solfleggio by CPE Bach. I really need to get back into a more disciplined practice schedule.

Maybe after NaNo?

We'll see...

WIP Meme

Aug. 18th, 2009 11:54 am
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My name is Aeärwen, and I'm an Internet Addict. Hi, Aeärwen!

Evidently the BIG QWest Internet hub decided to have a melt-down yesterday, and took out 12 states' worth of internet traffic from a number of providers, including mine and Verizon, I understand. Of course, coming on the heels of having intermittent drop-offs due to old connectors and such here at the house, we (and by this, I mean all the gamers in the house) decided our provider was getting flakey again. So I called, and so a tech came out. Our personal equipment was OK, and so the only thing he could think of was that the line "drop" to the house had somehow flaked out; he'd call in a half-hour to schedule maintenance to come out and replace it.

Three hours later, I called again, only to be told the horror story of massive outages - complete with anecdote about how their phone system fell apart when they ended up with over two thousand people sitting on hold to complain about no Internet. I went to bed, not knowing if it truly was that, or if we did indeed need our "drop" replaced - and/or if I would have access in the morning.

I'm baaaaaaaaa-aaaack.... *smirks happily*

On to the fun...

Snagged from [ profile] aranellaurelote, figuring it might be nice - or interesting, at least - to give my readers here hints as to what I've been spending my time writing lately.

Meme: Post a little bit of each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

Tantalizing and Misc. Snatches from my WIPs to whet your appetite, with no promises as to when any of these will see the light of posting )

All I can promise is that I am working on them all, as my Muse allows. When they are finished and have been run through whatever beta/concrit process they need, they will be posted.

So read at your own risk....


Aug. 8th, 2009 10:10 pm
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FanFiction.Net is down. It has been down all freakin' day.

Oh, the site loads just fine - unless you are an author who wants to post, or a reader who would like to actually sign a review. Log-in is kaput.

Ah well. I should probably note in my bio over there that all of my work can be found posted here (except for the stuff from The Pretender that I'm moving to FFN - I have no other archive selected for those) even on those days that FFN can't find it's arse with both hands and a braille map.


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