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And we've come to the end of this retelling of the Ungoliant story from the Silmarillion.

Along Came A Spider - Chapter 5 - Return )
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Well, here's the pivotal chapter of this story from the Silmarillion, for your reading pleasure.

Along Came A Spider - Chapter 4 - Folly and Betrayal Anew )
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And here's the latest update to this one.

Along Came A Spider - Chapter 3 - Secrets, Lies and Conspiracies )
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Last, but not least, here is the second chapter of my Ungoliant story.

Along Came A Spider - Chapter 2 - Darkness Ascendent )
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I have been told, by those who know, that the SWG would be a great place to post this. Well, after fighting with their interface, their stripping out of all paragraph breaks and other formatting, their adding extra spaces at the beginnings of lines - and doing so for nearly an hour without success - I have decided that SWG is impossible to work with and not worth the hassle. Sorry guys - you need to talk to the lady in charge and tell her to find some software that WORKS.

And for those who read my ranting last week, this is the beginning of the story I was whining about.

Along Came A Spider - Chapter 1 - In The Beginning )

Edited to add: I just messed around with SWG again, once more reinserting carriage returns stripped away, margin wierdness, stripping of italics formatting - spent ANOTHER half an hour doing it - and finally got it to look right only to find out that my story will not appear until "approved by a moderator." You know, I REALLY despise having to wait for someone else to say "Yeah, you have a story there," and have to give an official okie-dokie for anybody ELSE to see it. That smacks of control issues on the part of the archive owner to me.

So far, I am seriously under-impressed with SWG. They better have something seriously on the ball there - or this will be the one and only story of mine to ever see light of day there. The hassle, from what I've seen so far, just simply is NOT worth it.

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