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It's Saturday, the day that I once upon a time used to update whatever project I was involved in posting. I thought I'd reclaim that tradition once again and give you all another chapter of this.


Not Quite As Expected - Chapter 2: Trying Not To Kill Each Other )
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A long time ago, I started this tale. Seeing The Hobbit movie yesterday spurred me to finally put an Epilogue on it and be able to call it "finished".

Summary: They said that the friendship between Legolas Greenleaf, son of the Elvenking, and Gimli, son of Glóin, was unique. But those that said so didn't know what happened much later to their respective fathers.

Not Quite As Expected - Chapter 1: A Proposal )
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Yes, yes, I know. Lee Pace has eyebrows that one could stand on and not fall. They're a dark color when the rest of his Thranduil was a beautiful blonde. But you know what? He's a good enough actor that he completely sold PJ's version of Thranduil and made me forget the caterpillar eyebrows. And in The Battle of the Five Armies, he was so very much a wild, wily, sly, conniving Elvenking - not necessarily an evil one (which would have pissed me off royally) but rather just a very unpredictable, changeable and self-assured one that believed absolutely in his royal privilege. In this version of the character, I could definitely see an Elf who defended his kingdom without the assistance of a magic Ring of Power - an Elvenking who deserved the respect he expected.

He also wielded a very mean sword.

And that war-moose. Gotta love the war-moose. :-D

A few spoilers, under the cut for those who want to avoid them )

All that to say that seeing the movie yesterday gave my Muse a punch in the arm, and so she sat me down and helped me finish one of my WIPs that has been languishing for quite a long time. I'll post the first chapter of it when I finish with this.

But I also just wanted to say that, despite the flaws I listed under the cut, it was still a VERY good movie. I'm glad I went to see it, and I want to see it again - as much to drool over Lee Pace's Thranduil as anything else.

No More

May. 14th, 2011 05:03 pm
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I can't tell you exactly what happened to cause me to skip posting my weekly fics last Saturday - maybe it was the excitement of knowing that we were going to get our new carpet in just two days, maybe it was the apprehension of having to finally move completely out of the two largest rooms in the house to clear the way for the new carpet. But the upshot is that I have a total of four things to post today - two stories (a short story and a vignette) and two true drabbles that will bring my posting in here up to date with my postings in the archives.

This first was, as were many of my offerings lately, as responses to the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts. This particular story was intended for Day #18 - Wilderlands

No More )
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To quote Monty Python's Flying Circus: "And now for something completely different..."

I've been posting some pretty angsty stuff here of late, and so I thought I'd bring this out to show that I'm not always into making my readers sniff as they read. This week, I'm aiming for outright guffaws.

But, there's a story behind this story.

When I was in the process of working toward my Stubborn Limpet award in GoI (posting a minimum of 100 original, new words every consecutive day for 100 days) by writing drabbles, one of the bits I posted about Thranduil sparked a very interesting conversation among the members. It tickled my funnybone so that I wrote a crack!fic to allow Thranduil to "answer" the ladies in question. The comebacks I got from that inspired yet another crack!fic less than a day later.

In going through my hard drive not long ago, I found that set of crack!fics, and I've smoothed out some of the rougher edges to make it suitable for public airing.

And so, without further ado...

Thranduil's Dilemma )


Aug. 7th, 2010 09:30 pm
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A little while ago, I wrote a short story as a birthday gift for [ profile] randy_o. With his permission, I am now sharing that gift with you. This takes place in my I Dhaerlend Dadui story!verse, for those familiar with my two distinct storylines.

Birthday )
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Here's the next part of this. Hope you enjoy...

The Elvenking's Lady - Chapter 3 - Talking Points )
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This is a story I've been working on in one form or another for nearly a year, and which I finally have beaten into shape. If you are new to my writings, you will need to read the following stories in order:

In The Dark
The World Is Changing 1
The World Is Changing 2
Leave Me Not 1
Leave Me Not 2
Leave Me Not 3

In this installment of the saga, Thranduil's return from military action to rid the Hithaeglir of remaining minions of the Enemy doesn't go quite as Elara expected.

The Elvenking's Lady - Chapter 1 - Homecoming )
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This fits into a timeline that I'm slowly developing for some of my stories.

Change of Heart )


Nov. 28th, 2009 12:08 pm
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If yesterday was "Black Friday", is today "Mostly Grey Saturday"?

No, I don't go out at the wee hours of the morning to go shopping. My "big" holiday at the end of the year is New Year's, and there are sufficient sales after the 26th of December that I need not battle traffic, lines and checkout clerks to get bargains.

As for Thanksgiving, we celebrated with our turkey dinner this past Sunday. My new daughter in law was leaving to head north and help her mother pack up to move as of the Monday before the holiday, and also had her birthday that preceding Saturday. So we just moved the turkey and the birthday celebration to Sunday. For the actual Thanksgiving, we had our traditional "feathers" cassarole, which is cubed leftover turkey meat, leftover mashed potatoes, leftover dressing (I make an herbed wild rice dressing with the giblets that is very good - my mother's recipe), leftover gravy (made from the drippings of a bird whose only "stuffing" is white zinfandel wine), some cooked white beans, cubed carrots, and bread crumbs for on top. FWIW, we always plan the size of the bird we buy on just how many leftovers besides the "feathers" we want to have. When Mom was alive, she'd make turkey foo yong as well, but I don't do so good standing over a stove anymore, so... Ah. The memories!

My main story for you today is a sequel to another one-shot that I posted a while back entitled "Return". I hope you enjoy it.

Sacrifices )
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This is the third of a set of three related drabbles.

Reconsideration )
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This is the second of a set of three related drabbles.

Reciprocation )


Jul. 4th, 2009 03:16 pm
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There was a discussion once in the online writers' workshop I used to belong to regarding the fate of Thranduil if he remained in Arda. Would he end up having to rescue wayward mortals who had wandered into his woods time after time? This story arose from that discussion.

Return )
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Yet another in my series of drabbles. I'm seriously thinking of going back to writing these little things as a way of getting my Muse up and moving in the morning. Maybe if I tell myself that often enough, I'll actually sit down and do it? Ya think?

Losing Something Precious )
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Life goes on. Here's another of the drabbles I wrote a while back.

Not A Request )
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This story sat 3/4s complete on my hard drive for almost eight months, during which time I joined my online writers workshop at the Garden of Ithilien. By the time my Muse decided she wanted to finish the thing, I had learned a lot as a writer. But, that said, it was the "Machete Drill Team" at the Garden that helped me turn this from a run-of-the-mill tale into a much deeper exploration of some issues rarely touched in fan fiction. My gratitude to them runs very deep. Enjoy this encounter between Gimli and Thranduil.

You Take My Heart )
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Leave Me Not - Chapter 3 )
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Leave Me Not - Chapter 2 )

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