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Well, today started out very suddenly, when my Russian friend Nina called me to remind me I was taking her to an ear, nose & throat specialist appointment. Luckily, she called in time for me to hurry up, get dressed and out the door and over to her house in good time to get her there ON time. Spent most of the rest of the day with her, ending on a political discussion of American politics. We both agree that Тромп сумошедший!! (Trump's crazy!) This is a change for her, because she thought he might do better coming from a business standpoint. Then again, she thought all the candidates were lacking, and so simply didn't vote - even though I tried to interest her in participating in the propositions on the CA ballot. We have playfully argued the pros and cons of marijuana legalization many times...

It rained a bit again today - mostly in the early morning hours. When last I checked, our reservoir lake sits at 34.8% full, and the graph line measuring content continues to inkle upwards. This is a good thing, because we get none of the lovely snowfall run-off from the Sierras - so this is all stuff that actually fell as rain on our now-green hills. I think I will be satisfied if we can top 45% this year, and I'll be even happier if next year's precipitation brings us a lot closer to full. It was a "One Hundred-Year Storm" back in 1969 that filled that lake from empty to overflowing the very year the dam was finished, thus preventing one heckuva flood here. Don't want that kind of rain again - just the steady up-tick in the lake levels...

Okay. Enough of that. Today's meme prompt is:

33: Your relationship status and how you feel about it.

I am married. I am happily married. I feel very lucky that I found a man that is kind and gentle and a good father and provider, who loves me as much (I hope) as I love him. And I think that's about as much schmaltz as I want to drizzle into this little entry. I'm happy, I guess is the best answer to "how do I feel about it."

Until tomorrow, F-List friends.
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It's been a long time, I know. I was starting to wonder if I'd burnt out again - I guess not. )

Okay. So that's what's going on with Aearwen lately. I know I've been quiet. That's why, and that's what I'm up to nowadays.

Have a good day, f-list folks!
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With my Hubby once more home from the hospital, I'm really hoping that Life™ can get back to some semblence of "Normal" again.

Nattering and minor venting under the cut )

On other, happier, fronts, daughter Súl has our turkey ordered (organic, cage-free, etc. etc) and will be responsible for buying organic, non-GMO potatoes for mashing. Her food sensitivities have eased, so she can actually have mashed potatoes and dressing (altho I have to limit the herbs I use in the dressing, and she needs to buy the gluten-free bread that I'll make into croutons) and green peas. We've even figured out how to do gravy, and she's gonna be experimenting a bit before The Big Day so we know it will be tasty.

In case I never really blogged about it, Súl suffers from Hashimoto's Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue and serious food sensitivities. She's been three years being extra-super-picky about "eating clean" and restricting her foods to only the stuff that her doctor tells her she can eat, and she's slowly getting better - more or less. But having meals together takes a bit more planning, as I try to accommodate her sensitivities while still making the food interesting to two insensitive males.

Anyhoo, part of that accommodation this year means no pumpkin pie. She has redone the fancy sensitivity test, which is why so many things are now "legal" for her again, but a few others have fallen into the "let's lay off this stuff for a year or two and see what happens" category - including both pumpkin itself as well as many of the familiar pumpkin pie spices. As a result, I think our Thanksgiving dessert will be individual chocolate "tarts" she found that are positively decadent. I'm looking forward to the meal, actually, and I'm not so hung up on tradition that I'll be crying to have chocolate mint rather than pumpkin pie.

Especially with Hubby home.

Now, to get - and KEEP - both him and Súl healthy....

Have a great day, folks. I know I will.
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I don't know if I've ever talked about the Russian lady I'm helping learn English. Thursdays are usually our day to get together. Today ended up being a little different than usual...

Miscellaneous nattering under the cut )

It's been a long day. I'll be calling Nina in the morning to make sure she's okay, and I've talked to others in the village and know that they'll be looking in & checking up on her too. Life™ is so interesting and unexpected.
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Yeah, I'm off to a slow start. Seems that Life™ is fuller this year than last, with more that I need to do between which to sandwich my hours at the keyboard. Still, it is a start - and this time around, I've done research so I know (1) where my story is going; and (2) more or less how I want to get there. No, I haven't got an outline, but I'm doing the first "part" of my novel for this year's NaNo. The novel itself will have two parts, taking place roughly 1000 years apart.

It's fun tho, and the research has been quite a treat. I've looked into what makes a planet habitable, what is known currently about extra-solar planetary systems, done quite a lot of postulating on how my green-skied world would work and how it would differ from the world we all know. I've looked into various forms of housing, heating said domiciles, ethics of space colonization, the problems encountered by other colonial efforts in the past.

On another note entirely, IT RAINED IN CALIFORNIA LAST NIGHT!!!! Or, more precisely, it rained in my little parched corner of California last night. In fact, considering that we only got four inches total rainfall last year, we got fully one half of last year's precipitation last night. Lost power too - o joy and rapture! Better still, it took until mid-morning for the cable and internet to be fully restored. Now THAT'S what I call "winter" weather!!

Believe it or not, I'd be perfectly happy for it to happen again this winter. Often. Our local reservoir lake is down to 40% capacity, and several natural lakes in the area are completely dried up (and are being dredged because of it - taking advantage of the situation.) I've got all my fingers, toes, eyes, knees and other flexible body parts crossed that we do end up with an "El Niño" of sorts - plenty of rain for us means our water issues will ease dramatically.

Anyhoo. More on NaNo tomorrow - providing that all my music obligations won't get completely in the way of producing any word count. Like I said, Life™ itself is a real obstacle this year around.

526 / 50000 words. 1% done!

Ta, folks!
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Those of you who have been reading my blurbs and rants for a while know that I take part (as in am the musical director of) a small group of performers who put on a program during the first week in August. Well, last night was the performance for which we have labored six months, and it was a smash success!

We did Irish music - all flavors of it. We had moldy-oldies like "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen" and "Galway Bay", comic bits like "Who Put The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder" and "The Orange and the Green", all the way through to modern pieces like "The Island" - ending with a rendition of Celtic Woman's "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears". We had an eight-year-old singing "A Mother's Love's A Blessing", and a men's group singing "Forty Shades of Green". I even stood up from the piano stool and sang Briege Murphy's "The Sea" to someone else's accompaniment on the guitar for a change!

I'm really glad we started organizing this monster back in February, mostly because so much of what we did were traditional pieces for which dedicated sheet music was hard - if not impossible - to come by. That's right: I did a fair share of just plain old musical arrangements this year, on top of the usual run of transpositions and such. My printer got a really good workout, as the updated/corrected/transposed versions had to be handed out to those involved. My own piece had no real resources available at all - a youtube video only was all I could find anywhere; I had to sit and listen very hard to pull the lyrics and then be glad my guitarist could figure out chords that were within my vocal range.

Thing is, this year's "convention" week was lighter than those that came before - or, at least, it was a lighter burden for me. I didn't have quite so many obligations to sit at the piano bench for activities this time, although those I did have were stressful enough. Included in this convention week was the memorial service for a man who was my best friend for many years, and I was asked to play several "meditative" pieces to fit into a service that Willy actually wrote for himself ten years earlier. (He died of a progressive and degenerative nerve disorder, and he knew what he'd be facing that long ago.)

Anyway... long story short: I'm free!! Everything's done and finished, and I can sit back and genuinely relax today. I have two weeks' respite from organizational meetings before we start doing early prep work on our Christmas play, which starts rehearsal the first Sunday of September. I fully intend to enjoy the fact that I don't have anything going on during my Sunday afternoons for the next two weeks - I may even decide to get myself into minor mischief somewhere. We'll have to see.

But I just had to share my relief, my exhaustion, and my pride at seeing a job through well-done.

Happy Sunday, folks!
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I heard a mockingbird singing in our not-quite-leafed-out walnut tree the other day. Mockingbird song, in this part of the country, is one of the really dependable signs that "spring" has arrived. After all, we don't have snow to start melting (and yes, I do wish that for most of my East-of-here friends!) just plants that start to bloom their little hearts out.

Miscellaneous Nattering Under the Cut for those not interested )
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Yeah, I know I haven't posted at all this year. Bad Aeärwen! I'll make that up to you now by yakking, complaining and ranting about my New Year so far.

All kinds of news, musings and fussings under the cut, for those interested. )

So there you have it. My 2014 so far. Never a dull moment around here, I swear!

Have a good week, folks.
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The last couple of days have definitely proven interesting. I've been to see The Hobbit (and in 3D, after promising myself I'd only try 2D,) learned that my "almost-not-quite-officially-adopted" son from Tennessee is gonna spend a couple of weeks with us over the holidays, and finally finished the application for health insurance required by the ACA.

All kinds of yattering under the cut )

So... The days ahead seem full and busy, even for folks like me who don't celebrate Christmas at all. I play the piano at Halcyon this Sunday, then Christmas Eve service, and then the next Sunday too. This Sunday, I have my piano/organ duet cohort Nashoma with me, which is a treat (she's 81 now, and has nerve damage that sometimes makes playing quite difficult for her.) I have two (count 'em) fishtanks that need serious maintenance. I have several large meals to plan.

It should keep me out of the bingo parlors, eh?

Happy Holidays, f-list! Have a great time, and stay safe!
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Well, after a ten-day hiatus to deal with all the associated fun that goes along with a family member trying to kill herself, my Muse has finally cooperated in giving me more word-count for my NaNo attempt.

I sat down with the calculator and figured out how much I'll have to produce everyday to win the 50k word challenge - not that I'm going to actually finish the story. It's do-able: min 3000 words per day, with Sundays off. That includes Thanksgiving Day too. Still, our family doesn't kill itself trying to produce a feast that will leave us groaning on the floor after standing up from the dinner table, so I should be able to write some that day while nursing what's on the stove.

More nattering under the cut )

And now, so you know I wasn't fooling, my new word-count for the day:

26553 / 50000 words. 53% done!

Have a good evening!
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No, I haven't done word count since Tuesday. My mind simply doesn't want to be pushed into working in my Phoenix world. Then again, yesterday was completely lost as a result of having far too little sleep the night before. Luckily enough, however, the news from OR was encouraging...

Update under the cut )

So, with any luck, I'll work on NaNo tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon, I have to take JJ to Santa Maria to apply for a job with a construction firm down there. I also need to leave a message with VTC, the vocational place that's supposed to be working with him on employment issues.

At least I'm not scared to death that I'm gonna lose one of my kids anymore. What is it about my family these days that, at times, suicide seems to be the answer to the troubles? Dealing with my brother's troubles was bad enough. I simply don't have the emotional reserves to do it over and over again for first one and then the other.

Gonna relax tonight and watch the next Netflix Stargate SG-1 DVD.

Talk to you all tomorrow.
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After a day where I began to think that I would NEVER get a chance to sit down and work on my NaNo for one reason or the other, I actually managed to pull my daily 2k words out of a hat. The plot is moving right along, and I'm happy with getting things at least pounded out in first draft form – realizing that I'm gonna be doing a LOT of rewrites/edits when the time comes.

The things that got in the way under the cut )

So... Today's word count:

21418 / 50000 words. 43% done!

Talk to you all tomorrow!
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Yesterday was a no-production day NaNo-wise - and for a good reason. I played for the Theosophical temple service at 10:30 (complete with solo) and then turned around and came right back to the Lodge for the Players meeting/rehearsal at 2 that ran an hour and a half. Wasn't entirely surprised to discover that our Christmas play has been officially cancelled, mostly because one of our HS-aged members has school commitments that have to come first (band and "Robotics" program.) Not living in the community meant that I got word a bit second-handedly (my friend at Saturday coffee sharing the rumor) before I got official word - but I knew it really didn't make that much difference to me. I'm involved in prep work for a number of future musical programs, as well as being slowly dragged into the director's Indy film-making projects.

Then spent about an hour and a half talking to Vanna on the phone.

Family-related musing under the cut - feel free to skip, as it deals with the fun of being a parent of a transexual child. )


The time before my chiropractor's appointment today is so short - thanks to dear hubby of course needing to do the dishes the moment I got to the kitchen, as well as the need to actually eat breakfast before much else - that I won't be able to do my word count for NaNo Day 11 until after noon. On the docket for after that is (1) trying to fix JJ's computer, which suddenly refuses to recognize his user profile log-in; and (2) making supper for the whole family, including Súl and her food sensitivities. We're trying out a hamburger/tomato/veggie soup tonight. She's seeing whether she can have tomatoes from time to time again, and actually eating kidney beans for the first time in a couple of years (thanks to being on a mostly paleo diet regimine.) I'll cook up a small bit of millet for hers, along with the rice that normally goes with the chili soup I fix for the rest of us. These meals, when Súl eats in the main part of the house with us, are a weekly tradition that I dearly love.

So I'm just hoping that today isn't as much of a lost day NaNo-wise as yesterday was. If it is... Well...


At least I'm ahead of myself a little bit.

Until later.
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Had a lovely time at coffee this morning. A group of my friends and I, my hubby and (when he's around) JJ get together at 8AM on Saturday mornings at a local coffee deli. Today only Ron and Nashoma were there, but it was great seeing them again. Evidently Nashoma had been ill last week. (For those who don't know, Nashoma was my cohort in the piano/organ duet team until nerve damage made her participation sketchy. I miss our practices greatly, lemme tell ya!)

Weekend whittering - and NaNo natttering - under the cut )

For those paying attention, today's word count:

19229 / 50000 words. 38% done!

Tomorrow's a designated no-progress day - so we'll see if I get anything written at all. Not ruling it out completely, but I've also got a Broadchurch fic (a new one, [ profile] sykira) that has decided to push on me. Wish my Muse would stay focused on Phoenix, and not find other "squirrels" to chase after!!

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It looks as if my dear hubby is proud of himself for convincing me to not start writing right away, but rather do dishes with him first. When I came out to the kitchen, it was the first thing he started to do. I give up. Okay... Dishes first, then word count.

Nattering under the cut )

Today's word count:

16884 / 50000 words. 34% done!

Talk to you all tomorrow.
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Well, I finally got my word count done, plus a bit; but it took a lot longer than usual, and it was interrupted several times. Darn it.

Grumblings about NaNo-Interruptis under the cut )

All in all, a pretty good day. The clouds are coming in; the weatherman says we're not scheduled for rain, but the temps will begin to fall a bit. That's okay - I'm ready for Autumn to really land on us. The leaves on the grape arbor are turning and beginning to fall. I wish more folks would like to come help themselves - I'll go pick some for juicing, but I'm afraid the vine is loaded and will most likely ferment in place. The mockingbirds will LOVE that! Nothing funnier than a drunken mockingbird doing battle with his reflection in the garage window... :-p

Finally, for the record, my word count stands at:

14517 / 50000 words. 29% done!

Cya all later - probably tomorrow. Have a good one.
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Gonna be a fairly busy day today, but I've got my word count done for the day.

NaNo and non-NaNo nattering under the cut )

My word count for the day was:

11963 / 50000 words. 24% done!

Until next time, dear f-list!
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Today's words came fairly easily, which is really nice.

Mundane midrash-ing under the cut )

Ah yes.

Before I forget, my word count for the day:

9724 / 50000 words. 19% done!

Cya all tomorrow!
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Today was a scheduled no-progress day, which was just as well. I had plenty to keep me occupied through the day - and I'm currently writing this as a way of procrastinating on doing a couple more read-thru's on the next chapter of my Pretender fic before posting it. I skipped last weekend (bad Aeärwen!! bad!!!) and really do owe them an update. Still, the chapters on that thing tend to run in at about 8k words each, so the read-thru's to remove my former obsession with using hypens everywhere and to tighten up POV aren't just a quick scan.

More not necessarily writing relating nattering under the cut )

I'm genuinely looking forward to sitting down first thing tomorrow and continuing with my story. My mind has been actively toying with what scene I'm going to have following the one I ended with yesterday, and whether I'm going to span a good deal of time between where I left off and where I pick up the story again, or whether it will continue on from basically the next day or so.

I'm tired, though. May hit the sack early. Until next time...

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