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And this is this week's story offering, again from my B2MEM collection. Written for Day #19 - Rivendell.

Meeting Heroes )


Aug. 7th, 2010 09:30 pm
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A little while ago, I wrote a short story as a birthday gift for [ profile] randy_o. With his permission, I am now sharing that gift with you. This takes place in my I Dhaerlend Dadui story!verse, for those familiar with my two distinct storylines.

Birthday )
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This is the second of a set of three related drabbles.

Reciprocation )
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I really should keep posting these. I have roughly ninety of them, all told...

Bequest )
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Next, in honor of the fact that today is Valentine's Day:

In Love )
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Well, I successfully finished my Stubborn Limpet Award for posting a minimum of 100 original words for 100 consecutive days. *muffled sounds of cheers in background* I still write a drabble from time to time, but I have also begun a fairly ambitious project that I'm not ready to unveil as yet. So, instead, I have some drabbles and the first chapter to another story for you today.

First in line is:

Distraction )
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Somewhere along the way, while working on the piece that has turned into a definite novel now (having long since passed 30k words and still growing - working title: "Light Fingers") I read one of TheTolkienTango challenges (#21: Silent); and the following just burbled up to the surface:

Finding Peace )
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I'm really encouraged. My muse, who had ditched me 2 years ago as my mom's medical situation began to get really serious, has returned with a vengeance. I'm starting to dream my story plots again - and she pops up with some of the odd-ball stuff at random moments. I almost feel sorry for my writer's group - when my muse REALLY starts to cut loose, it gets hard to stem the flood!

Which is all by way of introduction to my newest LoTR short story. Beta'ed by NiRi and the wonderful folks at GoI, I proudly present The Wound That Never Heals )

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