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The latest chapter of IDD is now posted to LC. I'm in no rush to get response, so no worries. It's just that it's in a central - and secure - location, should you decide you'd like to see if I can still string two coherent sentences together...
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In a review of one of my previous postings, someone once asked if we would ever see how or why Glorfindel chose to come back to Middle-earth after perishing in Gondolin.

In this quadrabble, written (of course) for Back to Middle-earth Month, I answered the question.

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Jul. 9th, 2011 04:19 pm
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This week's story deals with yet another person sailing to Aman - this time, Glorfindel. This story also fits into my "IDD!verse" with a number of other stories and novels. For a complete table of contents of all the posted stories belonging to this story arc, click here.

I think one of these days, I'm gonna do one of those post-dated Table of Contents for all of the fan fiction I've posted here - and get all the stories related to I Dhaerlend Dadui's story arc gathered together in the order they need to be in. Another thing to add to my To-Do list.

And now, without further ado...

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Last year at this time, I wrote a birthday piece for IgnobleBard entitled "Ghost". This year, I have a sequel to that piece for him. Happy Birthday!

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This week's drabble begins a series of drabbles that all lend themselves to my I Dhaerlend Dadui timeline and !verse. I've posted some of these already, but only in going through and sorting out the IDD-compliant drabbles from the rest in preparing to post them to my new personal archive, Bennas Aeärwen (Aeärwen's Corner), did I figure out which ones supported that overlying version of Tolkien's world.

Anyhoo, without further ado...

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