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It's been a long time, I know. I was starting to wonder if I'd burnt out again - I guess not. )

Okay. So that's what's going on with Aearwen lately. I know I've been quiet. That's why, and that's what I'm up to nowadays.

Have a good day, f-list folks!
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I've actually purchased three prompts from the B2MeM event for this year - after railing about the convoluted-ness of the event of late. I was wrong - it isn't all that convoluted. It is easy.

So now all I gotta do is put my Muse to work on the three plot bunnies that are now hopping madly around the corners of my mind. Going to be fitting all my responses into my IDD!verse again, just like I did when I played last time (in 2011!!! A long time ago!!!)

Gonna be expanding an OC I developed for that as well - the Elf-maid who asked Gimli to teach her to carve stone in Stone's Song. I've been meaning to add to her story anyway in IDD, and my Muse is telling me that this will take place further along in the relationship I need to begin in IDD.

Also gonna be expanding on the Gilraen/Glorfindel relationship that took place in In The House of Elrond. Or, if nothing else, really spelling out what that gwaidh-gwend relationship entails more clearly.

I have to admit that i love using my IDD!verse as the basic framework for my one-shots and drabbles and things. I'm a bit proud of my head!canon about some of these things, and I appreciate the chance to expand on them a bit more as I have the entire legendarium to play in as well as my imagined future in Valinor.

I guess we'll just have to see how these things turn out... and whether my Muse continues to be an active, motivated participant or a tease that abandons me the moment I try to get her to work with me.

Wish me luck!
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I have finally posted chapters 5, 6, and 7 of this story to the various archives around that I use. The story is now completely posted. Rather than overload my f-list with postings here, I figured I'd just post a link so that anybody interested can find them.

The best place to find my stuff is at my personal website. This link will take you directly to the first of the three new chapters: Bennas Aearwen

Enjoy, folks...
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It seems my Tolkien Muse has awakened.


The Lizard Council, the place I used to trust implicitly to fine-tune and highly-polish my stuff, is no longer active.


I was wondering if one or more of my former LC droog-mates would consider being a beta-reader for me? My work will be sporadic at best, with weeks and/or months between submissions. Familiarity with IDD would be a real benefit, as most of the plot-bunnies I'm toying with lately fit into that fic!verse.

Anybody interested? Can I offer a beta-reading trade deal?


Or anybody who has read my Dr. Who and/or Broadchurch fics, would you be interested in beta'ing anything that happens to emerge from those fandoms? I do have a few WIPs there too...

Please?? Pretty please?

(Drat! There's no LJ mark-up command for getting down on knees and begging...) :-(
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It's Saturday, the day that I once upon a time used to update whatever project I was involved in posting. I thought I'd reclaim that tradition once again and give you all another chapter of this.


Not Quite As Expected - Chapter 2: Trying Not To Kill Each Other )
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A long time ago, I started this tale. Seeing The Hobbit movie yesterday spurred me to finally put an Epilogue on it and be able to call it "finished".

Summary: They said that the friendship between Legolas Greenleaf, son of the Elvenking, and Gimli, son of Glóin, was unique. But those that said so didn't know what happened much later to their respective fathers.

Not Quite As Expected - Chapter 1: A Proposal )
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Believe it or not, I have a new chapter of I Dhaerlend Dadui finished and ready for your scrutiny - after months of not having a thing to show I was still writing. So much for NaNo this year, I guess...



Where do you want me to post it so you can see & comment?

Lizard Council itself has been dead as a doornail, so that's why I wanted to post this here. I figure I'd at least reach a healthy share of those who used to take part there.

I can post it at LC, as usual, if I knew that folks would realize it was there and read (and maybe comment or concrit for me.) Or, if you want, I can ship it email.

What would be your pleasure, my fellow droogs?
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Writing Muses are fickle - BIG time! )

Just when you think you have things all worked out, something like this happens to remind you that it's the Muse that runs the show. You're only along for the ride.

And all my nice plans for today are blown to Hell when I stepped on a piece of wood and drove a nice splinter deep into my heel. My DH tried to get it out - and failed. All he got were splinters off of the bit buried practically all the way under the callous on my heel. Soooooo… no shopping trip to SLO for needed supplies, no chiro appointment (because DH was digging at the spot with his knife and a pair of tweezers to no avail) and no new neon tetras for the big fish tank in the living room to keep the one sole survivor out there company.


Happy Monday, f-list, she growls…

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