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It's been a long time, I know. I was starting to wonder if I'd burnt out again - I guess not. )

Okay. So that's what's going on with Aearwen lately. I know I've been quiet. That's why, and that's what I'm up to nowadays.

Have a good day, f-list folks!
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With my Hubby once more home from the hospital, I'm really hoping that Life™ can get back to some semblence of "Normal" again.

Nattering and minor venting under the cut )

On other, happier, fronts, daughter Súl has our turkey ordered (organic, cage-free, etc. etc) and will be responsible for buying organic, non-GMO potatoes for mashing. Her food sensitivities have eased, so she can actually have mashed potatoes and dressing (altho I have to limit the herbs I use in the dressing, and she needs to buy the gluten-free bread that I'll make into croutons) and green peas. We've even figured out how to do gravy, and she's gonna be experimenting a bit before The Big Day so we know it will be tasty.

In case I never really blogged about it, Súl suffers from Hashimoto's Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue and serious food sensitivities. She's been three years being extra-super-picky about "eating clean" and restricting her foods to only the stuff that her doctor tells her she can eat, and she's slowly getting better - more or less. But having meals together takes a bit more planning, as I try to accommodate her sensitivities while still making the food interesting to two insensitive males.

Anyhoo, part of that accommodation this year means no pumpkin pie. She has redone the fancy sensitivity test, which is why so many things are now "legal" for her again, but a few others have fallen into the "let's lay off this stuff for a year or two and see what happens" category - including both pumpkin itself as well as many of the familiar pumpkin pie spices. As a result, I think our Thanksgiving dessert will be individual chocolate "tarts" she found that are positively decadent. I'm looking forward to the meal, actually, and I'm not so hung up on tradition that I'll be crying to have chocolate mint rather than pumpkin pie.

Especially with Hubby home.

Now, to get - and KEEP - both him and Súl healthy....

Have a great day, folks. I know I will.
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The last couple of days have definitely proven interesting. I've been to see The Hobbit (and in 3D, after promising myself I'd only try 2D,) learned that my "almost-not-quite-officially-adopted" son from Tennessee is gonna spend a couple of weeks with us over the holidays, and finally finished the application for health insurance required by the ACA.

All kinds of yattering under the cut )

So... The days ahead seem full and busy, even for folks like me who don't celebrate Christmas at all. I play the piano at Halcyon this Sunday, then Christmas Eve service, and then the next Sunday too. This Sunday, I have my piano/organ duet cohort Nashoma with me, which is a treat (she's 81 now, and has nerve damage that sometimes makes playing quite difficult for her.) I have two (count 'em) fishtanks that need serious maintenance. I have several large meals to plan.

It should keep me out of the bingo parlors, eh?

Happy Holidays, f-list! Have a great time, and stay safe!
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No, I haven't done word count since Tuesday. My mind simply doesn't want to be pushed into working in my Phoenix world. Then again, yesterday was completely lost as a result of having far too little sleep the night before. Luckily enough, however, the news from OR was encouraging...

Update under the cut )

So, with any luck, I'll work on NaNo tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon, I have to take JJ to Santa Maria to apply for a job with a construction firm down there. I also need to leave a message with VTC, the vocational place that's supposed to be working with him on employment issues.

At least I'm not scared to death that I'm gonna lose one of my kids anymore. What is it about my family these days that, at times, suicide seems to be the answer to the troubles? Dealing with my brother's troubles was bad enough. I simply don't have the emotional reserves to do it over and over again for first one and then the other.

Gonna relax tonight and watch the next Netflix Stargate SG-1 DVD.

Talk to you all tomorrow.
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I'm starting to wonder if having things go awry is a characteristic of the middle phase of NaNo, because today was an excellent example of things not going according to plan at all!

Oh Hell. I was just starting this blog when I got the kind of phone call that simply blows one's mind and blows any semblence of knowing what the world's about out of the water completely.

My daughter in Oregon is in the hospital - tried to slit her wrists.

A mother's rant under the cut )

I'm not exactly sure I'll even have word count tomorrow. A lot depends on whether I can concentrate and use Phoenix as a distraction when I'm between phone calls and/or arrangements. But, since I did actually make my count today, here's my progress:

23463 / 50000 words. 47% done!

For what it's worth.

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After a day where I began to think that I would NEVER get a chance to sit down and work on my NaNo for one reason or the other, I actually managed to pull my daily 2k words out of a hat. The plot is moving right along, and I'm happy with getting things at least pounded out in first draft form – realizing that I'm gonna be doing a LOT of rewrites/edits when the time comes.

The things that got in the way under the cut )

So... Today's word count:

21418 / 50000 words. 43% done!

Talk to you all tomorrow!
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Yesterday was a no-production day NaNo-wise - and for a good reason. I played for the Theosophical temple service at 10:30 (complete with solo) and then turned around and came right back to the Lodge for the Players meeting/rehearsal at 2 that ran an hour and a half. Wasn't entirely surprised to discover that our Christmas play has been officially cancelled, mostly because one of our HS-aged members has school commitments that have to come first (band and "Robotics" program.) Not living in the community meant that I got word a bit second-handedly (my friend at Saturday coffee sharing the rumor) before I got official word - but I knew it really didn't make that much difference to me. I'm involved in prep work for a number of future musical programs, as well as being slowly dragged into the director's Indy film-making projects.

Then spent about an hour and a half talking to Vanna on the phone.

Family-related musing under the cut - feel free to skip, as it deals with the fun of being a parent of a transexual child. )


The time before my chiropractor's appointment today is so short - thanks to dear hubby of course needing to do the dishes the moment I got to the kitchen, as well as the need to actually eat breakfast before much else - that I won't be able to do my word count for NaNo Day 11 until after noon. On the docket for after that is (1) trying to fix JJ's computer, which suddenly refuses to recognize his user profile log-in; and (2) making supper for the whole family, including Súl and her food sensitivities. We're trying out a hamburger/tomato/veggie soup tonight. She's seeing whether she can have tomatoes from time to time again, and actually eating kidney beans for the first time in a couple of years (thanks to being on a mostly paleo diet regimine.) I'll cook up a small bit of millet for hers, along with the rice that normally goes with the chili soup I fix for the rest of us. These meals, when Súl eats in the main part of the house with us, are a weekly tradition that I dearly love.

So I'm just hoping that today isn't as much of a lost day NaNo-wise as yesterday was. If it is... Well...


At least I'm ahead of myself a little bit.

Until later.
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No, really. This week, at least, Monday is a GOOD thing! )

I'm sure my chiropractor will be glad when I'm through with the week too. Evidently between the stress and the physical postures and positions I get in while playing, I throw my back out rather nicely. Funzies.

And that's it from the Grey Havens of the Central California Coast for this week. I'll let you all know how well I survive sometime next week.

Heading Out

Mar. 7th, 2013 09:52 am
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Yes, I'm still breathing air.

Today is the day I'm taking off (so to speak) to travel to AZ to visit my brother and attend the Arizona Renaissance Faire. I'm taking Amtrak, as I really am not fond of the idea of having to go through the TSA security crud at all - much less the fact that the airplane seats are comfortable only for folks with anorexia (which I definitely don't have!!).

My daughter decided she didn't like the idea of my driving the LA freeway system with all the painkilling meds I have to take nowadays in my system - especially since I would have to borrow her car to make the trip. I've noticed some side effects dulling my responses myself, so I was more than amenable to changing the travel plans.


I'm REALLY not looking forward to 22½ hours on a train (two trains & a bus, actually) to get to Phoenix. I'm traveling coach this time, so hopefully being able to recline the seat a bit will mean I can sleep a little better than I did in the sleeping car to OR last May. That was an exercise in futility, I swear.

JJ will be responsible for taking care of the tropical fish that he's become obsessed with to the point of having three (count 'em, THREE) tanks now, with daughter Súl poking her head in morning & evening to make sure that he does what he's supposed to. Hubby will be doing the cooking and continuing his creative stuff in the Man Cave outside.

Then again, I'm only gonna be gone a total of 5 days, so hopefully there isn't a whole lot that can go wrong in that time. I have plenty to keep me busy on the long ride: music I need to create a piano arrangement for, creative writing (both o-fic and fan fic) and my tablet with all the unread Kindle books I've got in the last month or so. If I get bored, it'll be my own damned fault.

Anyhoo, ta until this coming Wednesday, F-list folks...
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It's Monday...

And a gloomy one. No blue sky for us today, and the air is sometimes filled with heavy mist that wants to think about pretending to be rain. Not sure if it was predicted today, but I don't really mind it. The hills around here are turning a gorgeous emerald green before Christmas and New Years - which doesn't happen often enough for me.

It's already been a full day for me today, and the day's only half over. Started out bright and early with a chiropractor's appointment. I'm really getting some benefit from going to this guy three times a week at the moment. I can - not with regularity, but at least I can now - walk up and down stairs like a "normal" person, rather than like an arthritic old lady (despite the fact that's exactly what I am.) It's been two years since I've been able to, so I credit that to a combination of chiropractic and good pain meds (My knees, like my shoulders, are bone on bone, and thus tend to be very painful all the time.)

Then, came home to drop off JJ and pick up Hubby and daughter Súl to head off to SLO for the weekly shopping trip to Costco and New Frontiers. Chiropractor wants me to walk, and so those two huge stores are my huge walk for the day - and I get a lot of the stuff we use over the course of a week then. I'm gluten-free now, Hubby is most of the time and JJ is when I don't buy him anything with gluten in it. :-D

We stopped along the way to pay auto registration for the year, and then Súl wanted us to stop at a couple of places for her to pick up stuff and so she could do her banking.

We're home now for the one-hour respite in the middle of the day - I'm having carrots and dill dip for lunch w/ cranberry juice. In a little while, Hubby will drop me off at the Theosophical temple so I can practice with my organ/piano duet cohort for a while - and I'll be early for that, so I can spend some time polishing up the music I have to play for the Christmas program there this next weekend.

Then, to finish the day off, JJ is taking Súl and me to the 7PM showing of The Hobbit in 3D. I'm really jazzed about that, and it will make for a delightful way to end a busy, busy day.

I'm also jazzed by the fact that I actually was able to practice the little cross-strung harp I have for a reasonable bit of time this past weekend. So I know my arms are getting a little better. Very difficult to learn a new instrument when arthritis makes it impossible to hold the arms up long enough to practice. I hope the weather doesn't mess around so much for the next few, and I might be able to do it again.

Writing-wise, I'm back to plinking on an O-fic I started a few years back - I'm now doing some serious world-building in Maple that should make it easier for me to know the cultures and traditions of my characters so they will react properly to the events I intend to throw at them. It currently sits at about 11k words spread over a Prologue and 1½ chapters. If I use my mind for something other than holding my ears apart, I'll probably start to outline the plot too - which should make it easier to write if I know what's supposed to happen. I've also got ideas that will take me over the writer's block humps in both of my Who-fic pieces, so ultimately it is just a case of what I'm in the mood to work on at any one time.

Not today, tho. Today, I'm music and then The Hobbit. You never know; it just might kick loose the Muse to help me finish IDD at last to re-immerse myself in Middle-earth. I hope so - I'm proud of what I have of it, and I don't intend to leave it dangling unfinished.
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Well, I've been home a whole two days now...

General whining and complaining under the cut - disregard unless you're a glutton for punishment )

Hopefully, tomorrow will see me starting to be my old self again. I'm sick & tired of being run down, mentally and physically. I need to worry about my son, who still hasn't found a permanent place to live up there in OR.

I think I just visited those "Interesting Times" that are essential to the Chinese curse. I'm ready to go back to my dull, uninteresting existence, as "interesting" certainly isn't all it's cracked up to be!

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