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It hardly seems possible, but we've finally reached the end of this tale.

I can tell you all that I fully intend to continue with Ivoreth's trip through life - and to chronicle the Fourth Age events in the Peredhel family. However, inasmuch as I still have six (yeah, count 'em, six!) unfinished, novel-length WIPs in the works for the LotR fandom, I think I'm gonna try to wade through one or more of them before I start on the next chapter of this saga. I do have a few ideas I've been mulling over, so you can trust that life will continue to be "interesting" for this adopted child of the Half-Elven.

And so, without further ado:

Elladaniel - Chapter 18 - Epilogue )

A/N: I would like to take this opportunity to thank my reviewers for their consistent support and encouragement. Without folks like you, writing would be a much lonelier process. Thank you again for your kind attention. And thank you to those who may not have reviewed, but did read anyway. I hope that my story entertained.

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Well, well, well. It seems FFN isn't accepting uploads again this morning. Isn't that fun... NOT! Ah well, it's for this reason that I put the URL for this place in my profile over there...

It's been hot here lately - at least, hot for this locale and this length of time. I happen to enjoy the foggy mornings that don't clear until about 11AM, and then the fact that the fog comes back in about 5PM or so. That fog means that it doesn't get ungodly hot here. Clear skies at night, for us, mean chilly nights and hot days. Good for the agriculture around here, tho; the strawberry farmers love this kind of weather.

We're expecting a bumper crop of grapes (the old-fashioned black Concord variety with the huge seeds) and English walnuts (our tree generally gives up on average a 200lb. harvest each year.) Of course, getting anybody out there to actually pick up walnuts and/or harvest the grapes is another matter entirely. And there are oranges languishing on the ground that will have to be thrown away. I really hate doing that...

Anyhoo... on that note, here is the next to the last chapter of Elladaniel. Enjoy!

Elladaniel - Chapter 17 - Navaer )
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It's hot today - well, hot for where I live (we're true weather-wimps here.) So while I melt in the high 80's, here's the next installment of this:

Elladaniel - Chapter 16 - Ceremonies )
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This is the second Saturday morning in a row that my #2 son (the bus driver) has needed me to drive him 20 mi north to work and have him here at 6:30 in the blinking AM. Ah well, today I broke down and used the heater in the car so I didn't come home like last Saturday to shiver for nearly an hour before warming up again. Sunny California? HA! Not on the coast, and not at dawn!! And today is just plain overcast. The back door's closed and I have a sweater on.

Yes, I'm a weather wimp, and proud of it too! *smirk*

OK - on to the fun. Here's today's installment of:

Elladaniel - Chapter 15 - Family )
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It's been a long week, and I'm not feeling as good as I'd really like. The good news is that I began a new WIP that seems to be carrying enough of a head of steam to maybe actually get finished, and not merely become #7 multi-chapter WIP languishing waiting for a new chapter to come.

In the meantime, enjoy the following:

Elladaniel - Chapter 14 - Change Is Inevitable )
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It's going to be a fun day for me today. One of my best friends is arriving from Riverside, and we intend to go out to lunch and then spend the afternoon together. Then my #2 son is going to take me out to dinner (probably to apologize for the stress he caused when he got my van into a fender-bender.) Finally, it's "Game Nite", and I get to go over and perhaps have a few rousing hands of either Mahjong or sit and play "Words of Wiz-dumb" - which can get very wild very quickly and always has us laughing our heads off at least once.

So, without further ado, here are my literary offerings for the week:

Elladaniel - Chapter 13 - Healing )
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As this story begins to wind its way to the end (no, there are actually 4 more chapters to go) I am wondering if there is any interest in seeing more of either Elladan & Elrohir's adjustment to being the Lords of Imladris or Ivoreth's growing up? I have toyed with some ideas for continuing this saga, but only if you folks are interested enough in wanting it to continue. Lemme know, please; although I have several WIPs in progress at the moment, I can always add another.

Today's update: Elladaniel - Chapter 12 - Issues of Trust )
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The weeks seem to roll by so quickly now. Already the summer is half gone; I can hardly believe it. And already it's time for another update! So... here we go:

Elladaniel - Chapter 11 - A Little Help> Chapter 11 - A Little Help  )
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Somehow, over the last week, it seems that folks are beginning to home in on my musical skills and wanting me to do all kinds of stuff: (1) a professional violist, whose husband is her regular accompanish but for having had serious heart issues that nearly killed him recently, has asked me to take his place for an informal performance at the beginning of August (for which I hope I get the music soon, because I really don't like the idea of sight-reading at a performance!); (2) a group of folks putting together an amateur Broadway Review program have asked me to be the keyboard accompanist (again, I desperately need to see the music, because the shows mentioned are some from which I haven't even heard anything before!); and (3) the lady in charge of the Halcyon Temple has asked me to do new arrangements (either piano-organ or choral) of some older music that is currently on hand-written manuscript and virtually unperformable as they sit.

And so I indulge in my other love today. First, the next chapter of Elladaniel.

Elladaniel - Chapter 10 - Overwhelmed )
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I know I don't post updates to this tale too often. That's because this is genuinely a work-in-progress, unfinished. I'm currently working on chapter 6, if that helps you know where I am.

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 3 - Ada )
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All three of my entries today are updates to ongoing stories. We'll start with Ivoreth's tale:

Elladaniel - Chapter 9 - A New Life )
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Continuing the saga...

Elladaniel - Chapter 8 - Settling )
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Birthdays are fun, usually. Mine yesterday was... interesting. First, I was awakened by my #2 son needing to borrow my car to go to work; seems that when he left for his bus that morning (he drives one of the local RTA busses himself) he forgot his wallet with his driver's license. If he didn't take my car, he'd be VERY late - so, okay, no car for me. Then, my lovely manicurist daughter gifted me with an appointment with the esthetician in her salon for a facial - my first! Lovely doesn't begin to describe it; I walked out of there without a single bone in my body! Then, last nite, #1 son took me out to dinner and to a movie (Night at the Museum). All in all, a wonderful and interesting day.

Anyhoo, here's the next installment to this. Enjoy!

Elladaniel - Chapter 7 - Complications )
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Well, some of the severe stressors in my life have lifted some; but now I'm working around another bout of seriously upset stomach and intestines. Probably let-down symptoms, but it means I can't eat anything except soft/bland. I'm drowning myself in mint tea. With luck, it won't last as long as the last time I had this (2 months hard symptoms, almost 2 years recovery.)

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd give you another chapter of this. Enjoy!

Elladaniel - Chapter 6 - Starting to Belong )
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Life goes on. We're not exactly certain what did it, but we suspect a power surge that killed our cable modem. That wasn't so bad, right? Go down, buy another and we're in business, right? Wrong!

We have a total of 3 computers hitched to a wired router, and a wireless router hooked to that one to handle laptops and visiting systems. And do you think the router would talk to the modem, or vice versa? Of course not... So, after much swearing, choking on the blue smoke streaming from Hubby's ears and then Sûl's when she got home from work, we are finally back in business. Playing catch-up is great fun, they tell me.

They lie.

Anyhoo, all of that as intro to the next installment of this:

Elladaniel - Chapter 5 - Hard Truths )
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Here's the next chapter of this tale.

Elladaniel - Chapter 4 - Revelations )
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Here's the third chapter of Elladaniel.

Elladaniel - Chapter 3 - Aftermath )
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I is quite an honor that this story, and several others I've posted in the last few months, have been nominated for the Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards. To celebrate that, I'm gonna head this with one of the Nominee Banners from that group:

Elladaniel - Chapter 2 - In the Golden Wood )
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Well, I think the time has come to start posting this one. Now, mind you, I won't be posting a chapter a week, like I did the original Light Fingers; but I will keep it updated on a semi-regular basis.

If you haven't read Surviving and then Light Fingers, I suggest you do so. Many of the Original Characters are introduced in those stories.

This picks up essentially right after the final chapter of Light Fingers.

Elladaniel - Chapter 1 - Actions and Reactions )

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