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One of the very first drabbles I ever wrote, from back in the days of working towards my Stubborn Limpet Award. Enjoy!

Conspiracy )
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This week's drabble was also written as part of the Back to Middle-earth Month event. The prompt for this one was "Seduction"... :-D

Found )
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And for this week's drabble, another entry from my B2MEM efforts:

Acting Out )
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This week's drabble takes up back a ways in Gondorian history. I have to admit to some fascination with the event described here – but any plot bunny with Eärnur's name on it will just have to wait for a while, I swear. Until I can entertain it properly, this will have to do:

What Now? )
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And for this week's drabble...

Triumph )
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And this week's drabble is:

Reawakening )
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This week's offering is a little different, because I leave the identity of the speaker up to the imagination of the reader. However, just to frame it a little bit better here than elsewhere, this takes place at Dol Guldur, when Galadriel brings it down for good after the Ring War.

And with that... Rescue )
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Last week's drabble was of the aftermath; this week's offering deals with events that triggered that aftermath.

Deadly Challenge )
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This week's drabble is more a snapshot of the moment after a tragedy.

Monument )
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This week's drabble is another unusual POV...

Transplant )
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And here's yet another drabble in my I Dhaerlend Dadui timeline.

Whispers )
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Here is another double-drabble that fits into my I Dhaerlend Dadui story arc.

The Last Ship )
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You know, I'm back out of the discipline of writing these little things again. I'm gonna have to fix that, I think...

That Which Remains )
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And this week's drabble is again supportive of the I Dhaerlend Dadui timeline...

Habit )
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This week's drabble begins a series of drabbles that all lend themselves to my I Dhaerlend Dadui timeline and !verse. I've posted some of these already, but only in going through and sorting out the IDD-compliant drabbles from the rest in preparing to post them to my new personal archive, Bennas Aeärwen (Aeärwen's Corner), did I figure out which ones supported that overlying version of Tolkien's world.

Anyhoo, without further ado...

Foundation )
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And now for something a little different from a couple of my favorite Elves:

Not Yet )
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And in this week's drabble, we continue the Haunted Forest series.

Not Again! )
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And today's drabble begins a series that I'm calling elsewhere "The Haunted Wood." They seem to go together and tell something of a story.

Persistent )
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And the drabble offering for today is the other "half" of the pairing that began last week with "The Harp".

Unexpected )
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This double-drabble is the first of a set of two related pieces, set in my I Dhaerlend Dadui timeline. Enjoy.

The Harp )

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