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Yesterday was the twenty-eighth anniversary of my twenty-nineth birthday.

Nattering under the cut. )

So I'll take Pandë's delightful birthday drawing and print it out so I can frame it and hang it somewhere close to where I keep Lisa's pencil sketch that she did for In The House of Elrond. I'll save all the lovely graphics to my HD so that I can give myself a warm, fuzzy feeling when I peek in next time.

Birthdays are landmarks of sorts. This has been a good one.
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This has been an "interesting" week all around, but in the madness, I missed an important date. I missed [ profile] engarian's birthday. And now, for whatever reason, LJ refuses to allow me to upload the graphic that I made for her. Good thing I was able to put it up at the Lizard Council!!!

But I wanted to put best wishes here too... Happy Birthday, my friend.
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May your day be bright and merry and filled with fun and food and good company!

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Today's the birthday of another good friend, [ profile] tracey_claybon. I hope these flowers make you smile, and that your day is bright and filled with laughter, love and good things.

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A very happy birthday greeting to [ profile] nelyo_russandol!! For your day, here's a pic of what was just outside my office window this spring. Enjoy!

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Today is Jael's and Randy O's birthday! I hope it was a happy and fun one for the both of you!! Here are some flowers for you, from my backyard to yours.

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Today is the birthday of one of my all-time favorite Internet friends, [ profile] jkahane. I met John way back in the Deep Dark Ages of the old email networks, before the Internet really blossomed - back when we used to have to call up the local BBS that was linked to echomail networks that would take days to pass the emails back and forth. We shared (and still do) an appreciation for Babylon 5, and participated in an echomail forum discussing the show as it was being produced - which included commentary and information directly from the Creator/Producer of the show, J. Michael Straczynski.

John was a forum regular, and I began picking on him a bit - and lo and behold, good sport that he is, he picked back! Eventually we exchanged phone numbers, and have been either emailing, phoning, or now communicating through LJ for - I believe he said - almost 20 years. He's my not-quite-official, adopted brother-of-the-heart, even though we've never met face to face.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day, that your black forest cake and your dram of Bailey's top off the celebration, that you have a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, and that the year to come is filled with good health, good friends, good gaming, and good conventioning.

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