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Once upon a time, many (we won't say how many) years ago, I started goofing off through BBS (remember those?) email with [ profile] jkahane in one of the Babylon 5-related forums we both haunted. It was a very light-hearted bit of role-playing, but we became friends as a result - and then have kept in touch pretty regularly since.

He is my brother I've never met who lives in Canada, and his birthday is today. I send him heartfelt wishes for a happy day filled with friends, good food, joyous moments; and another year that will be much better. I'm sitting here, imagining you and your slice of Black Forest cake tonite.

Happy Birthday, John. I still want that funny cane of yours with the crystal on top - and no, I don't wear the bracelets much anymore. :D
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Here's a pretty candle to light up your special day. I look forward to our call this afternoon, and I hope your whole day is just as bright and enjoyable as the candle.

Happy Birthday, and many MANY more.
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I certainly hope you had the best of days, with lots of good food, good company, good laughs, and fun! What's more, I hope you have an even better year to follow.

I'm not sure if I ever gave you this graphic I found once of your DM. So as my gift to you, here it is. I hope you (and the DM) enjoy.

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I hope your day is a great one, filled with joy, laughter and love.
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birthday mouse

I hope your day is bright and filled with good food and joyful moments.
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This is belated, but no less heartfelt...

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Birthday shinies under the cut )

I hope your birthday celebrations were the finest ever, and the year to come full of promise and satisfaction.
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