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I've actually purchased three prompts from the B2MeM event for this year - after railing about the convoluted-ness of the event of late. I was wrong - it isn't all that convoluted. It is easy.

So now all I gotta do is put my Muse to work on the three plot bunnies that are now hopping madly around the corners of my mind. Going to be fitting all my responses into my IDD!verse again, just like I did when I played last time (in 2011!!! A long time ago!!!)

Gonna be expanding an OC I developed for that as well - the Elf-maid who asked Gimli to teach her to carve stone in Stone's Song. I've been meaning to add to her story anyway in IDD, and my Muse is telling me that this will take place further along in the relationship I need to begin in IDD.

Also gonna be expanding on the Gilraen/Glorfindel relationship that took place in In The House of Elrond. Or, if nothing else, really spelling out what that gwaidh-gwend relationship entails more clearly.

I have to admit that i love using my IDD!verse as the basic framework for my one-shots and drabbles and things. I'm a bit proud of my head!canon about some of these things, and I appreciate the chance to expand on them a bit more as I have the entire legendarium to play in as well as my imagined future in Valinor.

I guess we'll just have to see how these things turn out... and whether my Muse continues to be an active, motivated participant or a tease that abandons me the moment I try to get her to work with me.

Wish me luck!
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This is another bit from my Back To Middle-earth Month offerings, a tribble, submitted for Day #21: Mirkwood:

Poros Crossing )
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This is another piece I wrote for the Back to Middle-earth Month that fits into my I Dhaerlend Dadui !verse. I had a lot of fun exploring some of the peripheral characters of Tolkien's canon during that month of challenges, and in this one, it was Erestor's turn. Someday, I suppose I will need to write his story - or, at any rate, the story that seems to be slowly coming into view that is his personal history.

Anyhoo, without further ado...

Expecting Nothing )
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Another Back-to-Middle-earth-Month prompt brought about this double-drabble, this time the Day #20 prompt from Erebor. This is a sequel of sorts to my previous story, "Foundlings"

A New Land, A New Life )


May. 21st, 2011 08:42 pm
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Today's fic is another piece from my Back-to-Middle-earth-Month efforts, written for the Day #22 prompt from the Misty Mountains. This vignette is a sequel of sorts to Elladaniel.

Resources )
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Last week's drabble was one of my favorites that were written for B2MEM. Day #15 for The Shire, as should be obvious...

Taters )
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And this is this week's story offering, again from my B2MEM collection. Written for Day #19 - Rivendell.

Meeting Heroes )

No More

May. 14th, 2011 05:03 pm
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I can't tell you exactly what happened to cause me to skip posting my weekly fics last Saturday - maybe it was the excitement of knowing that we were going to get our new carpet in just two days, maybe it was the apprehension of having to finally move completely out of the two largest rooms in the house to clear the way for the new carpet. But the upshot is that I have a total of four things to post today - two stories (a short story and a vignette) and two true drabbles that will bring my posting in here up to date with my postings in the archives.

This first was, as were many of my offerings lately, as responses to the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts. This particular story was intended for Day #18 - Wilderlands

No More )
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This week's drabble - a double - is also from my answers to the Back to Middle-earth prompts. As I mentioned earlier, all of my drabbles, vignettes and stories for B2MEM are part of what I consider my "I Dhaerlend Dadui" story!verse - an overarching and interwoven storyline that starts in the First Age with "Along Came A Spider" and spans the entire timeline of Tolkien's universe, up to the modern Age with "Ghost" and "Comfort" and "The Ties That Bind".

There is one major work that hasn't seen the public light of day yet: "I Dhaerlend Dadui" itself. For that reason, some of the B2MEM prompts won't be posted for a long time. However, some of those I can post offer inklings as to the directions I intend to take with any number of characters. This one being a prime example, written for Day #4 - Mithrim:

Cold Feet )
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One of the interesting things that happened while I was working on the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts was that a trio of stories emerged concerning Gimli in Aman, after he and Legolas sailed. "Gift", a previous entry here, was the first to emerge. A few days later, this piece popped up as a sequel.


Stone's Song )
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This week's drabble was also written as part of the Back to Middle-earth Month event. The prompt for this one was "Seduction"... :-D

Found )
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Written as part of the Back to Middle-earth Month, this vignette is a sequel of sorts to "Light Fingers." In it, Aragorn and Faramir take a look at the code of justice for Gondor.

B2MEM Day #2 - Undoing Justice )
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And the drabble this week is in response to the B2MEM prompt for Day #10 - Gondolin.

Broken )
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This week's offerings are again from the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts. The first was written for the Day #7 prompt - Belegost.

Gift )
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And for this week's drabble, another entry from my B2MEM efforts:

Acting Out )
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The first of the B2MEM pieces to get aired will be another sequel to "In The House of Elrond". The moment I saw this prompt, I knew exactly what I was going to write; all I had to do was wait for my Muse to give me the proper framework for it.

Without further ado:

Second Draft )

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