Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Well, today started out very suddenly, when my Russian friend Nina called me to remind me I was taking her to an ear, nose & throat specialist appointment. Luckily, she called in time for me to hurry up, get dressed and out the door and over to her house in good time to get her there ON time. Spent most of the rest of the day with her, ending on a political discussion of American politics. We both agree that Тромп сумошедший!! (Trump's crazy!) This is a change for her, because she thought he might do better coming from a business standpoint. Then again, she thought all the candidates were lacking, and so simply didn't vote - even though I tried to interest her in participating in the propositions on the CA ballot. We have playfully argued the pros and cons of marijuana legalization many times...

It rained a bit again today - mostly in the early morning hours. When last I checked, our reservoir lake sits at 34.8% full, and the graph line measuring content continues to inkle upwards. This is a good thing, because we get none of the lovely snowfall run-off from the Sierras - so this is all stuff that actually fell as rain on our now-green hills. I think I will be satisfied if we can top 45% this year, and I'll be even happier if next year's precipitation brings us a lot closer to full. It was a "One Hundred-Year Storm" back in 1969 that filled that lake from empty to overflowing the very year the dam was finished, thus preventing one heckuva flood here. Don't want that kind of rain again - just the steady up-tick in the lake levels...

Okay. Enough of that. Today's meme prompt is:

33: Your relationship status and how you feel about it.

I am married. I am happily married. I feel very lucky that I found a man that is kind and gentle and a good father and provider, who loves me as much (I hope) as I love him. And I think that's about as much schmaltz as I want to drizzle into this little entry. I'm happy, I guess is the best answer to "how do I feel about it."

Until tomorrow, F-List friends.

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