Jan. 19th, 2017

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Well, the first day (evening, night and morning, really) of our 5-day storm set netted us 1.5 inches in the rain gauge on the back porch. That's not bad at all. I figure around next Monday, I'll check in again at the webpage for our county's reservoir lakes and see how the percentage full business is doing. I can say, in all sincerity, that we've had more rain already this season than we've had in the last two years combined. I feel like a sponge that's finally found a pan of water, and I'm just happy soaking it all up!

And now for the day's 2 questions - still working on catching up with myself here...

11: Today I wish I had more _____


Today I'm having a nice, slooooooow morning, and then I'll be spending the afternoon with my Russian friend. On today's docket is our normal one hour a week exercise in memorizing Russian/English vocabulary, followed by at least another hour or two drinking coffee and yakking and hanging out. I do know that one thing I need to help her with is to make a medical appointment for a barium swallow/x-ray procedure, but that I do over the phone.

So I guess the thing I wish I had were more time this morning to ponder where I'm going next in IDD. I got over 1000 words written yesterday, and I'd really like to keep going at that rate a whole lot more often. I might actually finish that monster, if I could keep going at that speed; but I know that if I push myself into absolutely having to crank out that many words minimum per day, I'd burn myself out eventually - and I REALLY don't want to do that. I like the Tolkien fandom, and my IDD!verse, too much to risk it.

12: What made today unusual?

I'd like to say the rain, but we're getting enough of it this rainy season that it's not so unusual. We did get thunder and lightning this morning, however, which we don't get all that often - which is fine by me. I hate worrying about lightning hitting the lines and frying appliances, computers, etc. Had it hit the telephone line once and burn out my modem and printer port many years ago, and it was no fun having to tear my machine apart to fix it.

Okay folks, until next time...

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