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Oi! I haven't been very active lately, have I?

Seems like the week just sped on past, filled with little errands that took more time than I thought they would - and before I knew it, the day was done and I hadn't even poked my head up in here. The next week promises much the same. Monday I take Hubby to blood tests and take another trip to Social Services (we won't bother to rant about how invasive their questions are.) Tuesday I spend with my new Russian friend - and I've finally figured out another pretty place along the coast to take her. Wednesday will be a "normal" day, I think... Thursday afternoon will start early with me taking my other Russian friend to yet another medical test - this time a barium swallow test. She's elderly, and I'm her "interpreter" (meaning me and Google Translate, that is...) And Thursday is when it's supposed to start raining again...

Progress report from the dam up in the hills: it's now at almost 45% capacity. This means that while we might just have enough water to get us through our "Dry" season, we still aren't completely out of the woods yet. We'll need another year or two at least before we can wipe our brows and declare our current drought "over". The good news otherwise is that other dams in the area are also filling - with one actually going over the spillway. The snow-pack in the Sierras is above normal, which means recharging the water table in the Central Valley. This has been a GOOD year for us, water-wise. Please, Mother Nature, keep up the good work!!!

In other news...

JJ has his new aquarium - the old one sprang a leak, we think... One way or the other, it was losing water WAY too fast. Anyhoo, we have the old tank out in the backyard (thinking about possibly making it into a terrarium to grow maybe some celery and/or green onions on the back porch in it) and the new tank in its place. Tomorrow we'll add the water & chemicals and get the filters running, and then let it go for a few days and take the water for testing before putting the two survivors of the last tank back into the newer, bigger home. JJ will be doing the running back and forth when it comes to filling the tanks, I swear. It's his aquarium, after all; he needs to be doing the work. :-p

And now, without further ado, I have eight days' worth of 365 Meme to catch up on, so bear with me. Gonna put it behind a cut, so as not to take up so much screen-space (and/or for those who aren't interested...)

36: What is your zodiac sign? Does it fit your personality?

I am a Cancer, and except for the fact that I am anything but domesticated, I fit the sign to a "t".

37: What do you hope your future will be like?

This is what I hope for, right? Not necessarily what I expect?

I hope for a quiet, secure life with my family around me - everybody doing well at what they're about, finances sufficient to the task, and plenty of friends and social contact to make the time interesting and worthwhile.

38: Write about your first love.

My first love was a French horn player in the County Symphony Orchestra. We dated, we loved, and then his ex-wife (whom I knew nothing about) came back into the picture, and suddenly he was gone.

39: Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that pop up.

I don't listen to "songs", and I don't use an iPod. My Pandora gives me random songs from a number of artists who match David Arkenstone or Gandalf in genre/style. To say that I'm not into the modern, "with-it" music scene is a masterpiece of understatement.

40: What were your highs and lows of the past year?

There were more lows than highs last year - all of them related to my Hubby's health. The lows were when he ended up back in hospital with that damned infection that never seems to quite go away (and now he's been diagnosed with MRSA, which we understand he got at the hospital.) The one high point was when I brought Hubby home from the convalescent center where he'd gone after going WAYYYYY down health-wise. That day, I was on top of the world.

41: Write a letter to your parents.

No. Not in here.

42: Write a letter to your reflection in the mirror.

Dear Me in the Glass,

You know what you need to be doing. Get to it.


Me on the other side of the Glass

43: Write a letter to someone who broke your heart.

Again, No. Not in here.

See y'all next time...

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