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A very quiet day, interrupted by our cable/internet suddenly just... dying. When I called, I was told the tech would be out - wouldn't you know it - right about the time [ profile] engarian and I normally have our weekly phone conversation scheduled. So I texted and cancelled - not knowing how much of my time and/or attention said tech would need. Turned out we had a faulty splitter on the line outside - odd that it would just suddenly give out like that tho... Hubby got his cable box replaced because of reception issues. All in all, things went well. I did miss talking to Erulisse tho.

And now for today's meme offering:

32: What stresses you?

I suppose, like many, I have a list of things that will do it...

1. Hubby's health - and/or his inability to heal up the chronic open wounds on the backs of his legs, which is where the infection gets in and raises hell.

2. Finances - we're not rich, by any stretch. And now with Trump in office, I feel my security very much threatened. Thank the Universe the house is paid for, and that our property taxes (thanks to Prop 13 many MANY years ago) are so reasonable. We won't lose the roof over our heads. Anything else is fair game, and if Social Security is nixed, we'll probably starve; but we'll have our home.

3. Housekeeping issues - my arthritis makes it really hard for me to do much cleaning, and our finances aren't flush enough for a cleaning lady even once every other week. So, I have a not suitable for visiting house at the moment - altho I don't know how much longer I can stand it before I start seeing how hard I can push shoulders and knees. It truly would help if JJ and Hubby wouldn't drop their crud all over the place and NEVER pick up after themselves... That stuff doesn't take itself to the trash, ya know?

4. Political folderol. Trump and his constant fascist circus. 'Nuff said.

That's pretty much it. I guess I don't stress out over very much over anything that I really have a whole lot of control over. Oh. Yeah.

5. Whether or not I intend - or will see my way clear to - take a week off and visit my brother in Arizona in time to see the RenFaire there. That decision will be ultimately made a whole lot closer to departure date, and is entirely dependent on Hubby's health and/or perceived ability to be left on his lonesome for most of that time.

There. I think the last is what stresses me most at the moment.

G'nite all - talk to you sometime tomorrow after I've spent another afternoon trying to function half in Russian and half in English. Tomorrow, however, there will be coffee. Coffee, when one's brain is tired, is a good thing...
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