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Today was an interesting, if tiring day. Spent it with another Russian lady who is desperate to better her English while she's still in the country. It's amazing how I got used to how Nina speaks and expresses herself, to the point that it was a stretch to understand Zina. Still, I'm going to be seeing her on a weekly basis too now; so I'm hoping my Russian conversational skills will receive a fair boost too. But I came home after spending over 3 hours working very hard at bilingual communications, and I'm wiped. I remember being wiped when I'd come home after long days that first year of university, when I'd spend every hour on-campus functioning in Spanish. It did wonders for my fluency, but I could finally understand how and why our Thai exchange student a few years earlier needed a nap after over six hours functioning in only English!

Anyhoo, here's today's meme offering:

31: What would have made today perfect?

Frankly, what would have made today any better than it already was would be my having a slightly better command of Russian vocabulary. I learned a bucketload of new words today - the challenge now is not to let my mental fatigue help me forget everything I learned. Thank heavens Google Translate for Android saves the words I look up. With luck, I won't need a whole lot of prompting; and maybe Nina will enjoy it that I understand her just a little bit better too.

That's my day, folks...

And now, I have a request from any of my old Lizard Council droogs who might remember my monster fic that I was working on. I've finished (finally!!! yay!!!) the next chapter of the thing, and would really appreciate anybody willing to look it over. Considering the number of OCs in it, breaking in a new beta really wouldn't be optimal - altho I'm willing to send a copy of the rest of it if somebody really wants to read & beta for me.


Date: 2017-02-02 07:17 pm (UTC)
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Wish I could help you with the beta, but time is not my friend just now. I could take a quick read-through to see if anything jumps out at me - usually spelling, incorrect names, wrong person attributed for a speaking role, etc. are the types of things that jump for me on a quick read. You might want to try and contact a couple of them old LC'ers directly. I'm not sure how many of them read through here regularly any more.

- Erulisse (one L)

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