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I'm beginning to realize something about myself: there are days when I really just don't feel like sitting at the computer. And now that I've started this meme, it means that my respites put me behind. REALLY behind.

As a result of this realization, I figured that today I would simply catch up - ALL the way up - up to and including day/meme #25. Then my catch-up days won't be quite so daunting and contribute to a reluctance to turn on the silly computer in the first place.

So here goes:

17: On a scale of 1-10 how is your health?

Probably around a 5 or a 6. I have degenerative arthritis in both shoulders and both knees, which makes a number of things hard for me - including walking any distance at all. I also am very susceptible to bronchitis and avoid drafts quite carefully. Then again, I've not seen a doctor for well over 3 years for any kind of preventative checkup - although I have an appointment for the end of this month at along last - so I may be toying with things that i'm not completely sure of yet. We'll see. But still, overall, I'd rate me 5 or 6.

18: If you could do today over, would you change anything?

Yup. I'd NEVER stop my constitutional walking. Even at my heaviest (and I've lost about 80 pounds in the last couple of years) I'm sure staying more active would have helped on the pain management of my knees. But "back then" I thought the pain was bad. I shoulda pushed through. I'm hoping that continuing the downward slope on the weight will make it easier for me to push through eventually. I'd love to not need my cane anymore...

19: I wish I had _____

Ya know, materially I'm doing okay. We're not rich, by any stretch, but we have more than enough - and a heckuva lot more than a whole lot of other folks. So while wishing we had more money would make things easier in some respects, that isn't the direction my wishes would go. Although I wish I had a newer, more dependable vehicle that I felt I could drive for longer distances. Not that I travel much, but...

My BIG wishes: I wish I had the ability to stand and walk like a "normal person." I wish I had the ability to wave a wand and heal my hubby.

20:Last thing you wanted but didn’t get.

A laptop that could run LOTRO well. But, I realized, I didn't really need it, and I already have a laptop that I can use for word processing/email/etc, so why would I need to spend money on another one?

21: What mood were you in today?

Were? I'm still in the middle of today.

I'm feeling okay, I guess. I'm not angry at anything, not sad, not overly cheerful, not sill. I'm good. It's a regular, slow, easy day for me. Provided I get all these questions answered so I can stop feeling guilty...

22: What was the last new thing you tried?

My Russian friend made it a goal in life to see if she could get me to eat liver and/or fish. She succeeded with liver - kind of. She ran it through a food processor, mixed it in with ground oatmeal, scrambled eggs and some green onions and fried it up in patties. Since a good deal of my problem with liver was with the texture of the meat, that made all the difference. I can genuinely say I like liver now - provided it's the way Nina makes it. :D

23:My biggest hope is ______

That Hubby's health improves to the point that I stop guilting myself when I think about taking a week and going over to Arizona to visit with my brother. I really do need the break, but I'm starting to second-guess the plans that essentially leave him at home alone for that time save for a morning and evening check-in by a gal my daughter will have feeding/walking/taking care of her dog. What if Hubby falls and can't get to his phone? No - I'm not sure I'm good with leaving him for that length of time when things can go so wrong with him in the space of two heartbeats. So I'd REALLY hope his health would improve enough that I'd feel safe leaving him.

24: What has challenged your morals?

The current US administration, because I can see how easy it is to fall into the "tit-for-tat" revenge cycle that is keeping the US so polarized. I think it will be harder to stick to the moral high ground and mount an effective resistance to what he's doing, but that this is what I'll need to do if I want to be able to look myself in the eye in the mirror.

25:What kind of car are you driving?

A silver 2000 Ford Windstar LX with almost 200k miles on it. Bless its heart, it's a workhorse and dependable - but I don't know how well it would handle trips of over, say, 100 miles.

YAY!!! I'm caught up!!! Now we'll see if I'm more enthusiastic about popping in tomorrow sometime, eh?
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