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Well, it only took less than a week for me to completely and utterly miss a day's posting to the meme - and a doubled-up day at that!

My excuse - and a lousy one - is that it was a pretty full day. Hubby needed to get to a lab for a blood draw, so we'd scheduled about 10 AM. What time did the hardest part of the first storm system to dump on us start to dump on us? You got it - about 10:15, just about the time we were coming out of the lab. And dump it did!!! We got, all told, 1/2 an inch in a little under an hour.

Needless to say, neither Hubby nor I were really keen to climb out of the car in the middle of a deluge like that, so we decided to drive around a bit. Hubby, being house-bound, doesn't get to see how the area is "developing" (if you want to call it that, grrrr!!) so we tried first to go watch the ocean. Nope - traffic issues related to a mudslide on the freeway made that impossible. Okay, so we turned around and started driving Hwy 1 home - but nope. In one little town, a 20 yard-long section of Hwy 1 was under probably about 2 feet of water. Goodie, we get to use the residential streets.

We finally maneuver around the flooded part and get back on Hwy 1 - only to come up to a police car blocking the way and a telephone/power pole sitting skitty-wonkus at about a 60% angle. Okay... *sigh* back onto residential streets we go. By this time, Hubby needs to get out of the car, so we head home as quickly as traffic and the rain will allow - and both of us get soaked getting in the house. Hubby was more soaked than I was, because he needs a walked and simply can't walk fast at all.

Then, that afternoon, I had a meeting - and in trying to get out of that meeting, ran up against the traffic issues of Hwy 1 traffic being re-routed past where I wanted to turn left. *another deep sigh* Thank you to the kind-hearted soul who took pity on me and simply waited so I could slip in front of him, or I'd possibly still be sitting there.

Today, it's been fairly quiet - but I suddenly realized I hadn't posted yesterday at all, and not today yet either. So...


Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.


On with the questions - all four of them today.

13: What are you looking for from life?

Experiences. A little enlightenment. Lessons to be learned. "Life is its own answer."

14: Who is the last people to tell you they loved you?

My brother, over the phone, a little over an hour ago. My family has never been shy about telling each other that - and I'm very glad of it.

15: What is your favorite piece of art you own?

I collect Oriental artwork, and my favorite piece is a scroll about 4 feet high that is a brush painting of a sky dragon, done in blacks and gold accents, except for the flaming pearl in red. Lovely piece. Second favorite: a dragon worked in mother of pearl on a black, lacquered background.

Did I ever mention I love, and I collect, dragons?

16: Whats the last thing you apologized for?

For slacking off and not finishing plugging in the lyrics into the songs I wrote for a small production so I can print off a copy for the author/director/producer. And now that we've decided we're going to make it a video rather than a stage-play, I need to get off my cast-iron keester and get that done so that we can get our performers and at least get the audio of the music taped.

YAY!!! I'm caught up again!!!

See you all tomorrow...
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